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Slovácko is home to the beautiful Chřiby and the White Carpathians. The meanders of the beautiful Morava river nourishes a wide valley full of green meadows and enchanting Lužní forests between the mountains. There are charming chateaux in Milotice, Buchlovice and Bojkovice. There are the fortifications Buchlov and Malenovice Castles. There are the great Moravian hradisko of Staré Město, Mikulčice and Pohansko, as well as pilgrimage sites such as Velehrad. There are roads that kings once rode along, Slovácko’s festivals, folklore festivals, wine tastings, a magical world of folk songs, costumes, dances, celebrations, and traditional crafts. There are numerous vineyards, picturesque little paths to wine cellars in Petrov, Vlčnov and Mařatice, where you will find industrious vintners. It is an ideal location for biking, hiking, horse-back riding, riding along the Baťa Canal, and flying over and boating on the Ostrožský Lakes. It is perfect for sport and recreation, and fishing and just admiring the scenery. It has grass-carpeted paths and snow-carpeted ski runs. There are spas in Luačovice and Hodonín. There is also a zoo in Hodonín, a famous Strážnice outdoor museum with an engaging folklore program, a remarkable archaeological outdoor museum in Modrá, and an aviation museum in Kunovice. Slovácko is famous not only for its wine and slivovice (plum brandy), but also for its curative springs. Use of the local healing waters has a long tradition that dates back to the 16th century. In addition to official spa sites in the region, there were, and still are, innumerable local springs and wells, many of which have legendary curative powers. Today you can enjoy contemporary spa facilities in Luhačovice, Ostrožská Nová Ves, Buchlovice-Smraďavec, Hodonín nebo Zlín-Kostelec. Important aspects of treatment here, in addition to the aforementioned healing waters, include the beautiful environment, which offers several pleasant walks in the countryside, and numerous cultural and social events. In this regard, the spa facilities in Slovácko deserve more than just an honourable mention.

Gourmet cycling

Considering Slovácko is comprised of two districts that vary in character from one another – that is, the lowlands around the Morava River and the mountain belt of the White Carpathians – cyclists have a number of gradients, or levels of difficulty, to choose from. For casual cyclists there are trails that are not very physically demanding and offer the opportunity to indulge in refreshments and samples of local specialities, the most famous being the Slovacko klobasa (sausage). Slovácko also has vineyard trails, along which you can sample such fine vintages as Ruland Red – the region’s highest quality red wine, with a mellow flavour, a characteristic ruby hue, and a harmonious bouquet of dried plums –, Tramín – a white wine with a golden hue, a very intense aroma, a typical spicy bouquet that brings sweet roots to mind – and Sauvignon – a white wine with an unmistakable aroma of nettles or ripe peaches, which also comes through in the flavour.

Water sports

Slovácko may not be by the sea, but it has the Baťa Canal, which is great for rafting and marvelling at the natural, historical and other attractions of most of Slovácka, including the wine cellars that are situated in close proximity of the waterways. The Baťa Canal is a historical water route and a technical monument that originated in the 1930s. The voyage begins in a narrow valley by Napajedel. In Spytihněv it connects with a narrow manmade navigation canal that partially runs above the landscape, affording a view to the vast environs. In Uherské Hradišťě the canal connects once again with the Morava River. Between the Lužní forests it opens up to a gorgeous view of nearby Chřiby. Under Uherský Ostroh the river narrows again and assumes more of its natural character. An artificial canal, which affords a spectacular view of the White Carpathians, meanders through Veselí. By the Vnorovy Weir the canal resumes its natural course and intersects the Morava River and continues in a narrow, romantic stretch Strážnice. You will arrive at Petrov under a green canopy of trees. Another canal route, lined with green, will take you to the Morava River. You can then travel along a broad stretch to Hodonín.

Wellness stay for active seniors 55+

Wellness stay for active seniors 55+

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