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Castles, chateaux and city ramparts

Kuřim - chateau.

Kuřim - chateau

The main feature and historical monument, which is a typical example of rural noble residences. Originally a fortress stood here built in the 15th century by the Lords of Boskovice, which was rebuilt into...
tel.: 541231038

Address: Křížkovského 48, Kuřim

Chateau Slavkov - Austerlitz.

Chateau Slavkov - Austerlitz

The medieval stronghold belonging to the order of German Knights was reconstructed by House Kounic in Renaissance and later in representative Baroque style castle according to a project by B. Martinelli...
tel.: 544227548

Address: Palackého nám. 1, Slavkov u Brna

Belcredi - chateau

tel.: 605400423

Address: Pohankova 8, Brno

Mitrovský Villa.

Mitrovský Villa

Chateau in baroque-classical style. Built as a recreational summer residence – the garden casino was built by the Count Antonín Arnošt Mitrovský. Reconstruction work was performed in 1978-1987 and 2010...
tel.: 605972588

Address: Veletržní 19, Brno

Špilberk - castle and museum.

Špilberk - castle and museum

A distinctive landmark of Brno, the original residence of Přemysl princes often changed its owners in the course of centuries. The castle became an important fortress (it stood up to the Swedish onslaught)...
tel.: 542123611, 542123614, 542123668, 728671483

Address: Špilberk 210/1, Brno

Vyškov - chateau and museum.

Vyškov - chateau and museum

A Renaissance castle from the 17th century, a former castle of the Olomouc bishops. In 1753 was burned down and later reconstructed as an army hospital and, even later, school. After a reconstruction in...
tel.: 517348040

Address: nám. Čsl. armády 2, Vyškov

Pernštejn - castle.

Pernštejn - castle

At the first glance the massive Gothic castle is a strong and impregnable fortress. Special layout of its sections tells the story of its complicated architectural development. The original core of the...
tel.: 566566101, 607 557 039

Address: Nedvědice

Židlochovice - chateau.

Židlochovice - chateau

Older water fortress reconstructed by Fridrich of Žerotín into a chateau. Baroque reconstruction took place in 1722-1728 during the reign of Count Sinzendor. The chateau acquired its present day look during...
tel.: 956264122

Address: Tyršova 1, Židlochovice

Oslavany - chateau.

Oslavany - chateau

The Renaissance castle with arcade courtyard was in the 16th century built next to a former cloister. The Cistercian nunnery was founded in the 13th century but did not survive the Hussite wars and a fire...
tel.: 546 418 411, 546 418 413

Address: Zámecká, Oslavany

Veveří - castle.

Veveří - castle

The first mention of the originally Romanesque castle dates back to 1222. In the late 13th century, an early Gothic, royal castle was built there, later put through complex construction development. It...
tel.: 549420164, 724703429

Address: Veverská Bítýška

Dolní Kounice - castle and chateau.

Dolní Kounice - castle and chateau

Monasterial castle, the only one in this country. It is historically connected to the congregation of the premonstrate nuns of the nearby Rosa Coeli monastery. It was built in its protection most probably...
tel.: 602765625

Address: Zámecká 1, Dolní Kounice

Bučovice - chateau.

Bučovice - chateau

A four-wing Renaissance castle with a beautiful courtyard and valuable Mannerism style fountain. The castle construction begun in 1567 in place of former stronghold. Thanks to its beautiful interior and...
tel.: 517383135

Address: Zámek 1, Bučovice

Habrovany - chateau.

Habrovany - chateau

Address: č.p. 1, Habrovany

Ivanovice na Hané - chateau.

Ivanovice na Hané - chateau

Gothic stronghold and johannite commendam from the 14th century reconstructed into a four-winged renaissance chateau with courtyard arcades. The chateau tower was built during the time of Rottal, around...

Address: Ivanovice na Hané

Měnín Gate.

Měnín Gate

Měnín gate is the only remaining gate of the Brno fortification system. The gate was built around the year 1500. Originally, it was a four-storey tower building. Today Měnín gate is the part of the Brno...
tel.: 542214946

Address: Měnínská 7, Brno

Račice - chateau.

Račice - chateau

Three-winged, two-storeyed chateau with three towers. Originally a castle, which Jan Haugvic of Biskupic had reconstructed into a renaissance chateau in 1568-1585. Reconstruction in the empire style took...

Address: č.p. 1, Račice

Rosice - chateau.

Rosice - chateau

A significant monument of Moravian Renaissance. The first written record dates back to 1259. The front is Classical, the second courtyard has a Renaissance arcade with interesting relief symbols (wealth...
tel.: 546412891

Address: Žerotínovo nám. 1, Rosice u Brna

Sokolnice - chateau.

Sokolnice - chateau

Chateau reconstructed from a renaissance stronghold in 1560. During the times of the Dietrichšteins the chateau was renovated in baroque style. The reconstruction, as we know it today, was performed by...

Address: Sokolnice

Vyškov - mediaeval fortifications.

Vyškov - mediaeval fortifications

Remains of medieval city fortification. The original walls (6 m high) encircled the entie city until the 19th century, into which you could only enter through three gates.

Address: Vyškov

Bohdalice - chateau.

Bohdalice - chateau

tel.: 517358276

Address: Bohdalice 1

Drnovice - chateau.

Drnovice - chateau

Address: Drnovice 1

(Bauerův zámeček) - chateau

tel.: 541158493

Address: Brno

(Hajany) - chateau

Address: Hajany

Hrubšice - chateau.

Hrubšice - chateau

Originally a fortress from the 14th century, which was rebuilt in the 16th century into a storeyed four-wing chateau. The interior part includes a spacious arcade courtyard.

Address: Hrubšice

Medlánky - chateau

Address: Brno-Medlánky

Řečkovice - chateau

Address: Brno-Řečkovice

Slavkov u Brna - town fortifications.

Slavkov u Brna - town fortifications

The town walls were 7 – 8 metres high with a walkway and portholes. The fortification was reinforced by a moat, whilst also including ponds.

Address: Slavkov u Brna

Troubsko - chateau

Address: Troubsko

(Zámek Chrlice)

Address: Chrlické náměstí 2/2, Brno

Blansko - chateau and museum.

Blansko - chateau and museum

A Renaissance castle built over the original Gothic stronghold. The castle was founded in 1547 and rebuilt several times since. At its peak it had been an important cultural centre. Its owners supported...
tel.: 516417221

Address: Zámek 1, Blansko

Boskovice - chateau.

Boskovice - chateau

The original monastery from 1682 was in 1819 – 1826 rebuilt into today’s form of Empire style castle. The castle is surrounded by a park; the historical interior includes period furniture, large library...
tel.: 516452241

Address: Hradní 6, Boskovice

Kunštát - chateau.

Kunštát - chateau

The original stronghold was in 16th century adapted to a renaissance castle. The stronghold was founded in 1280. The castle underwent baroque and romantic reconstructions and is surrounded by an English...
tel.: 516462062

Address: Zámecká 1, Kunštát

Křtiny - chateau.

Křtiny - chateau

The building was established by with the reconstruction of the baroque residence, which the zábrdovičtí monks built by the present day church in 1658.The entire complex is connected with the Czech architect...
tel.: 516527711

Address: Křtiny 1, Křtiny

Borotín - chateau.

Borotín - chateau

Chateau in a free French style, built by Václav of Freyensfeld. Nationalised after 1948. At present it is owned by the restituents after the last owner.

Address: Borotín

Černá Hora - chateau.

Černá Hora - chateau

Originally a castle reconstructed into a chateau. Built in the 13th century by the Lords of Boskovice. It burnt down during the times of the Aueršperks in 1726. It was restored in 1859-61 by Count Freiss...

Address: Černá Hora

Lomnice - chateau.

Lomnice - chateau

Originally an early gothic castle built in the second half of the 13th century by the Lords of Lomnice. It had been reconstructed several times by 1558 – at the end of the 16th century it was reconstructed...

Address: Lomnice

Lysice - chateau.

Lysice - chateau

Originally medieval stronghold was in the first half of the 16th century reconstructed into a Renaissance castle. Later it was adapted in Baroque and Empire style and today’s form is from the turn of the...
tel.: 516472235

Address: Zámecká 1, Lysice

Rájec nad Svitavou - chateau.

Rájec nad Svitavou - chateau

A unique castle in the style of Louis XVI with typical French roof with dormers. The castle was built in place of a Renaissance castle, which burned down at the turn of the 17th and 18th century. The castle...
tel.: 516432013

Address: Blanenská 1, Rájec nad Svitavou - Jestřebí

Velké Opatovice - chateau and museum.

Velké Opatovice - chateau and museum

The Baroque castle was built over a Gothic stronghold and adapted in late Baroque style in the 18th century. At the beginning of the 20th century it was adapted in Art Nouveau style, and after a fire in...
tel.: 516477303, 516410700

Address: Zámek 14, Velké Opatovice

Hunting lodge

Address: Lhota Rapotina

Valtice - chateau.

Valtice - chateau

The large representative Baroque castle was built in place of a former Renaissance castle. It belongs to the Lednicko-Valtický area, which is entered in the UNESCO list. Worth seeing are the castle façade...
tel.: 778743754

Address: Zámek 1, Valtice

Rendez - vous (Diana's temple).

Rendez - vous (Diana's temple)

Architect Josef Kornhäusel built it according to the plans of head builder Josef Hardmuth. The monument resembling a Roman arch of triumph, served Jan I and his guests during their numerous hunts as the...
tel.: 778743754

Address: Valtice

Lednice - chateau and park.

Lednice - chateau and park

This Neo-Gothic castle is included in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage. Formerly a Gothic stronghold, it had been rebuilt in Renaissance and in Baroque style. The castle gained its final form...
tel.: 519340128

Address: Zámek 1, Lednice

Mikulov - museum and chateau.

Mikulov - museum and chateau

The castle dates back to the beginning of the 13th century and was later reconstructed into a renaissance chateau, then reconstructed in baroque style following a fire in 1719. At the end of World War...
tel.: 519309019, 519309014, 777061230

Address: Zámek 1, Mikulov

John's Castle - folly.

John's Castle - folly

A romantic fake ruin built in 1807 is one of the summer castles in this area. It was used as a gamekeeper’s lodge and a hunting castle. Today it houses exhibition on forestry and it is also used for ceremonial...
tel.: 519355134

Address: Lednice

Pohansko - small chateau.

Pohansko - small chateau

Empire chateau is a symmetrical building with ground floor, arcaded wings. A buttress is found in the central part with a one-storey extension, which is dominated by long loges with a full parapet enclosed...
tel.: 519374248, 739236640

Address: Pohansko 206, Břeclav

Frontier chateau.

Frontier chateau

The building on the west side of the Hlohovecky pond was built in 1816-1827. The sign on the facade "Zwischen Österreich und Mähren" reminds us of the fact that its one half was built on the Austrian side...
tel.: 519354353

Address: Hlohovec 16, Hlohovec u Břeclavi

Apollon's cathedral.

Apollon's cathedral

The pseudo-ancient cathedral on the banks of the Mlýnsky Stream was built like a viewing point on the peak above the Mlýnský Pond. The statue ornamentation, which was transferred here from the abolished...
tel.: 732448353

Address: Nový dvůr 196, Břeclav

Břeclav - chateau.

Břeclav - chateau

Originally a castle which was built by Queen Constance. Later on Jan Junior of Žerotína (1570) had it rebuilt into a two-storey renaissance chateau with an arcade courtyard. At the beginning of the 19th...

Address: Břeclav

Hunting lodge.

Hunting lodge

The chateau was built according to the plans of Josef Hardmuth. The storeyed building was designed with loges enclosed by six Tuscan columns. It served as a gamekeeper’s lodge

Address: Slovácká 436, Lednice

Lány Chateau.

Lány Chateau

Built according to the plans of Josef Hardtmuth.

Address: Břeclav

Vlasatice - chateau.

Vlasatice - chateau

Address: Vlasatice

Rybniční chateau.

Rybniční chateau

Classical chateau built by architect Kornhäusel. It belonged to the Lichtensteins and firstly served as a gamekeeper’s lodge, where the gardener was later accommodated.
tel.: 545135032, 606277110

Address: Rybniční zámeček 437, Lednice

Cvrčovice Chateau.

Cvrčovice Chateau

Address: Cvrčovice 131, Pohořelice

Belvedere Chateau.

Belvedere Chateau

The empiric Belvedere served the Lichtensteins as a summer villa with a view of the countryside. At the same time it was agricultural in character. Pheasants and ornamental peacocks were raised in the...

Address: Valtice

Diváky - chateau

tel.: 774150314

Address: Diváky

Sedlec - chateau

Address: Sedlec

Čejkovice - chateau.

Čejkovice - chateau

The renaissance castle with historical wine cellars from 13th century originally belonged to the Templar order. After the Order had been abolished the castle came to one of the noble families and after...
tel.: 518362538

Address: Templářská 1, Čejkovice

Masaryk's Museum and chateau in Hodonín.

Masaryk's Museum and chateau in Hodonín

The chateau acquired its present day look after the fire in 1746, when the high baroque style was rebuilt into a one-storey building and has remained as such until the present. From 1762 till April 1919...
tel.: 518351834

Address: Zámecké nám. 9, Hodonín

Ždánice - chateau and museum.

Ždánice - chateau and museum

The Zástřizlovy built a fortress in the 16th century, which Oldřich of Kounice reconstructed into a renaissance chateau. After the Battle on Bíla hora the Lichtensteins gained the chateau and remained...
tel.: 725920846

Address: Zámek 1, Ždánice

Uherský Ostroh - chateau and gallery.

Uherský Ostroh - chateau and gallery

Originally a moated castle guarding the commercial road connecting Hungary with Prague. There have been several owners of the castle, and in the middle of the 15th century it belonged for a long time to...
tel.: 572430538

Address: Zámecká 24, Uherský Ostroh

Kyjov - small chateau and museum.

Kyjov - small chateau and museum

A Renaissance castle from the half of the 16th century. The castle was adapted in Baroque style and in the year 1911 was decorated with pseudo-Renaissance sgraffiti. Archaeological exposition of the primeval...
tel.: 518612338

Address: Palackého 70, Kyjov

Nový Světlov - chateau.

Nový Světlov - chateau

Originally a stronghold on the hill above Bojkovice. It was founded at the end of the 15th century as a defence against Turkish raids. It was rebuilt into a Baroque castle in the second half of the 18th...
tel.: 572 666 222, 603 587 339

Address: Ke Světlovu 291, Bojkovice

Strážnice - chateau.

Strážnice - chateau

The first owners, the lords of Kravař, performed the first reconstruction and built the west wing around 1450. In 1501 it was purchased by the estate of Žerotínova and the chateau underwent further reconstruction...
tel.: 518332611

Address: Zámek 672, Strážnice

Ořechov - chateau.

Ořechov - chateau

The original fortress was already mentioned in the 16th century, when it belonged to Catherine of Doloplaz. In the second half of the 16th century it was rebuilt into a renaissance chateau. At the turn...
tel.: 572430630, 603545454

Address: Ořechov 91

Buchlov - castle.

Buchlov - castle

One of the oldest castles in Moravia, the landmark of woody slopes of this part of Chřiby hills. Its core dates back to the 13th century, but its construction went on to the 17th century. The castle is...
tel.: 572595161, 725377374

Address: Buchlovice

Bzenec - chateau.

Bzenec - chateau

Originally a renaissance stronghold later reconstructed into a renaissance chateau with extensive cellars. Count Erdman Kryštov Pruskovský laid the foundations of the present day building in the middle...

Address: Zámecká 17/19, Bzenec

Klobouky u Brna - chateau and museum.

Klobouky u Brna - chateau and museum

The chateau was built by the Zábrdovicky monastery Ambrož of Telč, in order to serve the needs of the convent. After the zábrdovické monastery was no longer in use, the religious fund acquired the building...
tel.: 519361576

Address: Zámecká 8, Klobouky u Brna

Uherský Brod - museum and chateau.

Uherský Brod - museum and chateau

A part of the preserved town strongholds from the 14th – 16th century with a baroque room which dates back to1690 – 1693. The permanent exposition on Komenský of humanity, devoted to the life and works...
tel.: 572632288, 572632289

Address: Přemysla Otakara II., č. 37, Uherský Brod

Veselí nad Moravou - chateau.

Veselí nad Moravou - chateau

This original medieval castle was built in the 13th century for the purpose of defending the border between Czech and Hungarian territories. It was built on a small islet in a sheltered tributary of the...

Address: Zámecká 14, Veselí nad Moravou

Milotice - chateau.

Milotice - chateau

The Gothic stronghold was rebuilt into a Renaissance castle in the 16th century. The castle gained its today’s form in the 18th century. The historic interiors include period furniture. The castle is surrounded...
tel.: 518619643, 724 663 502

Address: Zámecká 1, Milotice

Buchlovice - chateau.

Buchlovice - chateau

The castle in Buchlovice and its large park create a real architectonic jewel – a nobleman’s residence built in Italian villa style. It was built in the 17th – 18th century in late Renaissance style by...
tel.: 572434240

Address: Buchlovice

Bohutice - chateau and exhibit.

Bohutice - chateau and exhibit

The original fortress was built in the 15th century by members of the Mukodel family. In the 18th century the Baroque wing was added. A baroque fountain stands in the courtyard. Exhibition of Bohutice...
tel.: 724183293

Address: č.p. 8, Bohutice

(Hrad Bítov s kaplí Nanebevzetí Panny Marie).

(Hrad Bítov s kaplí Nanebevzetí Panny Marie)

The well-preserved Gothic castle and chateau situated on a promontory between the Dyje and Želetavka rivers, above Vranovská Dam, was first mentioned in 1046, when it was a part of a castle system of Prince...
tel.: 515294622, 515294736

Address: Bítov, Uherčice

Vranov nad Dyjí - chateau.

Vranov nad Dyjí - chateau

The monumental Baroque castle towers on a rock above the dam lake Vranov. It was built in place of a large Gothic stronghold, which fell to fire in 1665. Very interesting is the ellipsoid great hall, or...
tel.: 515296215

Address: Zámecká 93, Vranov nad Dyjí

Znojmo Castle - chateau and museum.

Znojmo Castle - chateau and museum

It was established during the reign of Prince Břetislav in the first half of the 11th century as a part of the system of borderline strongholds, the residence of Znojmo’s Přemysls and an important administration...
tel.: 515222311, 515282211

Address: Hradní 10, Znojmo

Jevišovice - chateau and museum.

Jevišovice - chateau and museum

Former gothic stronghold above the town had been reconstructed into three-wing renaissance castle. The last adaptation took place in the second half of 18th century. Today the castle serves as museum....
tel.: 515231141

Address: Jevišovice

Miroslav - chateau.

Miroslav - chateau

Stronghold reconstructed by Valečský of Mírova into a chateau. In the middle of the 17th century the interiors were renovated and in place of the moat and rampart a park was established during the reign...
tel.: 735173153

Address: Brněnská 79/2, Miroslav

Uherčice - chateau.

Uherčice - chateau

This Renaissance castle was built in place of a Gothic stronghold in the 16th century. After the World War II the large building became somehow dilapidated and is now being reconstructed – the tour shows...
tel.: 515298396

Address: Zámek 1, Uherčice

Branišovice - chateau.

Branišovice - chateau

tel.: 733470470

Address: Branišovice

Jevišovice - new chateau.

Jevišovice - new chateau

Address: č.p. 104, Jevišovice

Znojmo - mediaeval fortifications.

Znojmo - mediaeval fortifications

Of the city ramparts, dating back to the 14th – 16th century, part of the fortifications, with bastions and the Prague Gate, have been well-preserved. The fortifications enclose the historical centre and...

Address: Znojmo

(Emin zámek)

Address: Šanov

Wolf Tower.

Wolf Tower

Vlkova Tower was built in the 14th century. This gothic building is the last remains of the original fortification dating back to the times of King Přemysl Otakar I. The tower is 32 m high. 123 steps lead...
tel.: 734732019

Address: Kollárova ulice, Znojmo