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Pálava and Lednice-Valtice region

The touristic Lednice - Valtice district is not limited to being “Europe’s Garden” for it also encompasses Pavlov’s Peaks and Pálava, the Novomlýnský reservoir system, and a wine region in the environs of Mikluov and Hustopeče. Since the dawn of history, a favourable climate and fertile soil have drawn people to the region under Pálava. This was once the site of great mammoth hunts, and one of the oldest specimens of prehistoric ceramics – the world-famous carving of the Věstonická Venuše – was made here. The sculpture was discovered in the village of Dolní Věstonice , and it gained international renown. The Roman legion of Emperor Mark Aurelius also discovered a route to here and centuries later, the Lichtensteins decided to create “Europe’s Garden” in this region – a lovely world of rare trees, ponds, meadows and artful vistas, in which there are a number of stylised buildings, from chateaux through colonnades, statues and chapels, to artificial ruins. When you walk through the district, you have the feeling that you are in a spa town. Hikers, cyclists, water sport enthusiasts, anglers and wine lovers can all feel like the countryside under Pálava was made just for them.

As Europe’s most expansively landscaped countryside, the Lednicko - Valtice district, was entered into UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage list.

UNESCO valued the natural wealth of this region to such a degree that it decided to enter the protected landscape area of Pálava into its list of biospheric reservations.

Pálava is one of the Czech Republic’s true natural gems. Its abundance of plant and insect specimens is incomparable in this country and easily outshines all of our national parks. This is partly owning to its limestone subsoil, with guarantees a great degree of diversity, and partly because of its geographical location in the very south of Moravia, which has a significant climatic impact on the heat and aridity of the Panonská district. The combination of these two natural factors cannot be found anywhere else in the country, and this is what makes Pálava so extraordinary.

In addition to having the largest preserved remains of a flood-plainforest, this region abounds with a wide assortment of historical chateaux and castles, colonnades, statues and forest chapels. The Lednicko - Valtice district also tends to the needs of those seeking any type of outdoor recreation. Some come here to set out on pleasant hiking trips, others to enjoy the abundant network of bike paths, or the scenic voyages along the Dyje River. Water sport enthusiasts, surfers and yachting enthusiasts head to the upper reaches of the extensive Novomlýnský reservoir.

Somewhat more demanding hikers can savour the challenge of the steep slopes of Pálava – however the Lednicko - Valtice district will appear clearly before you. And not only this countryside, but also the celebrated Pálava vineyards, the quaint town of Mikulov with its dominant chateau and Svatý kopeček and the three bodies of water of the reservoir at the confluence of the Dyje, Jihlava and Svratka Rivers.


Similar to all parts of our republic that attract hikers, the region of Pálava and the Lednicko - Valtice district have an excellent network of marked hiking trails. The easiest offer pleasant strolls through the shade of the district’s forests, making them ideal for family trips. More demanding hikers are certain to head off for the hillsides of Pálava, but they must be very careful not to stray from the marked paths.


When it comes to cycling, the relatively flat terrain of the Lednicko – Valtice district is also perfect for families with children. However, it is important to pay attention to where bicycles are allowed and where they are not. The gently rolling wine-growing region around Hustopeče or Mikulov offer very pleasant riding. And cyclists who set off for a ride up Pálava will definitely break a serious sweat.

Popular trails are the circuits in the environs of Lednice, Valtice, Nový Mlýn or Mikulov.

Water sports

Not far from the Lednicko-Valtice district, there are opportunities to rent a boat on the Dyje River for swimming in rivers and lakes. You can take voyages through the district itself, the Pálava lakes, along the Morava River, or through the wine-growing region of Slovácko.

from 5 to 6 days
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