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Observation towers and sight-seeing locations

Permonium - entertainment park.

Permonium - entertainment park

Permonium Park is interestingly set in the gradually recultivated brownfield of the former Rosice - Oslavan mine Kukla. It expands over two levels of height on an area of 6000 m2. A tour of the tower,...
tel.: 546492215, 546492219

Address: Padochovská 270/31, Oslavany

Špilberk - castle and museum.

Špilberk - castle and museum

A distinctive landmark of Brno, the original residence of Přemysl princes often changed its owners in the course of centuries. The castle became an important fortress (it stood up to the Swedish onslaught)...
tel.: 542123611, 542123614, 542123668, 728671483

Address: Špilberk 210/1, Brno

Vladimír Menšík lookout tower.

Vladimír Menšík lookout tower

The viewing tower bearing the name of the Czech actor and native of Ivančice. Almost one-hundred years after being built nearby the site, where the original viewing tower once stood at Hlín. It reaches...
tel.: 723095552

Address: Hlína

Old town hall.

Old town hall

The oldest secular building in Brno. The city administration headquarters were seated here until 1935. Prior to 1510, the entrance to the courtyard was created through the tower walls. The courtyard was...
tel.: 542427106

Address: Radnická 8, Brno

Babylon lookout tower.

Babylon lookout tower

Wooden lookout tower offering a view from its viewing platform (11 stairs) of the Žďárské Hills, the Zubštejn ruin, the Bystřicky Uplands, the municipalities Doubravník and Pernštejnsky Jestřabí.

Address: Kaly

Brno exhibition grounds - concrete lookout tower.

Brno exhibition grounds - concrete lookout tower

In May 1928, pavilions of Brno fairgrounds were inaugurated as a part of the Anniversary Exhibition of Czechoslovak Culture, along with a 45 meters high, glassed-in tower providing view of the entire fairgrounds...

Address: Výstaviště 1, Brno

Čebínka - iron lookout tower.

Čebínka - iron lookout tower

One of the many telecommunication towers of the GSM operator network serving also as an observation tower. It is located on Čebínka Hill (432m above sea level), and is 35 metres tall. From the observation...

Address: Čebín

Indian Quarry - concrete lookout tower.

Indian Quarry - concrete lookout tower

As a lighthouse on the edge of a cliff stands the oval tower on the edge of an agglomerate ridge of Babí lom. Babí lom - easily accessible for inhabitants of Brno - has been a favourite touring destination...

Address: Lelekovice

Křivoš lookout tower.

Křivoš lookout tower

Eight metre high wooden lookout, which offers a view of the Svratecky Highlands.

Address: Zahrada

Locust tower - observation tower.

Locust tower - observation tower

The observation tower on Vyhon Hill near Židlochovice is 18 m tall (the viewing platform is situated at a height of 14.5 m). A total of 76 steps lead to the vieiwng platform.

Address: Židlochovice

(Ostrá horka).

(Ostrá horka)

The steel lookout tower is 19.10 m tall, the upper platform is at the height of 16 m and offers a beautiful view of the surroundings. The local group of enthusiasts the "Soběšická guard" merits all credit...
tel.: 603782726

Address: Brno-Soběšice

Réna - concrete lookout tower.

Réna - concrete lookout tower

The small - four-meter - concrete lookout tower on the slope of the hill Réna with a view of Ivančice was named after a famous native to Ivančice, Alfons Mucha. It was built in 1930, thanks to the Club...

Address: Ivančice

Tišnov - brick lookout tower.

Tišnov - brick lookout tower

The observation tower on Klucanina Hill stands on the rock foundation of the older wooden observation tower. The modern brick tower is 30 metres high, the observation walkway is at 21.90 metres, and the...

Address: Tišnov

Vieiwng tower on Chocholík.

Vieiwng tower on Chocholík

The metal frame of the observation tower reaches 26 m in height. 144 steps laed to the viewing platform. The observation tower offers a view of Hana, Hostynsky Hills and even all the way to Beskydy under...

Address: Drnovice

Zlobice - lookout.

Zlobice - lookout

tel.: 777754812


Bruno family park - fun centre.

Bruno family park - fun centre

tel.: 542427170

Address: Kigginsova 2, Brno

Army Park Museum of Military Technology, Ořechov u Brna

Area of the former air defence crew of the city of Brno. Exposition on military history (1945-2003), historical military technology, military underground buildings and small objects on display mapping...
tel.: 773737857

Address: Ořechov u Brna

Bratčický water reservoir - viewing point.

Bratčický water reservoir - viewing point

The brick water tower is 6 metres high and serves as a tourist lookout. 30 steps lead to the vieiwng platform, which offers a nice view of the surroundings and Bratčice, the Pálavské hills and the White...

Address: Bratčice

Mokrá - Horákov - iron lookout tower

tel.: 544226205

Address: Mokrá-Horákov

Stanoviska hill

This is a harmonious cultural landscape with old orchards, providing magnificent views of the Vysočina highlands.


Výrovka - peak.

Výrovka - peak


(Rozhledna Komec) - observation tower

tel.: 727952768

Address: Hněvkovského, Brno

Boskovice - town hall.

Boskovice - town hall

Originally a merchant’s house which was purchased by the town in 1620. The slim, four-sided tower is cut into eight-sided form at the edges of the lower part. It is 44 m high and has a walkway. It is decorated...
tel.: 516488677

Address: Masarykovo náměstí 3/1, Boskovice

Veselice – Podvrší - iron lookout tower.

Veselice – Podvrší - iron lookout tower

A combined observation and telecommunications tower at the top of Podvrší Hill (589m above sea level) from 2001. You climb the spiral staircase to stop at a height of 32 metres above the ground. The...
tel.: 773041644

Address: Veselice

Alexander's Lookout Tower.

Alexander's Lookout Tower

A lookout tower built on the steep slope over the river Svitava in 1887 was named after Alexander Suchanek, who has merit in its foundation. The building lost its original romantic features during the...

Address: Adamov

Burian's viewing tower (Milenka).

Burian's viewing tower (Milenka)

The restored square stone tower (18 meters high) with a sheltered gallery is situated near the village Rudka, known for its artificial Cave of Blanik Knights. The idea to build a lookout tower near Rudka...
tel.: 739510772, 604984459

Address: Kunštát

Koňský spád - viewing point.

Koňský spád - viewing point

One of the viewing points from the viewing tower of Pusté dry valley on the route from Punkevní to Sloupsko – šošůvský caves. It is found on a rock wall at 100 m, above the entrance to Amatérsky caves...

Address: Ostrov u Macochy

Kopaniny u Olešnice - wooden lookout tower.

Kopaniny u Olešnice - wooden lookout tower

Construction of this wooden lookout tower over Olešnice was completed in 2004. It is 9 metres tall and has two observation galleries.

Address: Olešnice,

Malý Chlum - wooden lookout tower.

Malý Chlum - wooden lookout tower

The wooden observation tower opened to the public in August 2005 is located on the Malý Chlum elevation. Two floors of the observation tower are accessible by means of the installed ladder. The upper platform...


Babylon (Kozárov) - iron lookout tower.

Babylon (Kozárov) - iron lookout tower

A telecommunication tower with an observation gallery in the height of 24 meters
tel.: 607802264

Address: Kozárov, Lysice







Spešovská Observation Tower

Wooden two-storey observation tower that is 9.9 m tall. Ladders leads up to the viewing platform.

Address: Spešov

Žernovník - lookout.

Žernovník - lookout

tel.: 725111367

Address: Žernovník

Apollon's cathedral.

Apollon's cathedral

The pseudo-ancient cathedral on the banks of the Mlýnsky Stream was built like a viewing point on the peak above the Mlýnský Pond. The statue ornamentation, which was transferred here from the abolished...
tel.: 732448353

Address: Nový dvůr 196, Břeclav

Almond Observation Tower.

Almond Observation Tower

14 m tall observation tower made from iron and wood, which stands in a unique almond orchard.

Address: Hustopeče

Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary.

Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary

Built according to the plans of Karel Weinbrenner. Historicist red brick building of cut brickwork, predominantly with neo-gothic elements, which stands in open space. Above the entrance to the church...
tel.: 775966271, 724976571

Address: Hlavní 1, Břeclav

Cow Mountain - wooden observation tower.

Cow Mountain - wooden observation tower

Wooden observation tower on the top of the hill Olbramy, at an altitude of 272 m above sea level. The viewing platform is situated at a height of 12 m and a total of 65 steps leads to it. The observation...

Address: Bořetice

Dalibor observation tower.

Dalibor observation tower

The observation tower is 11 m tall and the viewing platform is found at the height of 8 m.

Address: Zaječí

Goat castle - remains of an artillery fortress.

Goat castle - remains of an artillery fortress

A strategic checkpoint on the roads between Brno and Vienna since ancient times playing a signifi cant part in their proper protection. The structure dates back to the fifteenth century and remains an...
tel.: 608002976

Address: Mikulov

Minaret - stone lookout tower.

Minaret - stone lookout tower

The minaret is perhaps the strangest of all the strange - i.e. uncommon in the countryside of Southern Moravia - edifices in the Lednice-Valticke grounds. They say that the building was built by Prince...
tel.: 519340128

Address: Park č.p. 434, Lednice

Observation tower at the cross.

Observation tower at the cross

The observation tower is 11 m tall and offers a view of the Czech-Austrian borderlands and Palava massif with the ruins of Děvičky and Sirotčí castle.

Address: Drnholec

Observation Tower on Přítlucká Mountain.

Observation Tower on Přítlucká Mountain

The observation tower is a wooden structure with a winding metal staircase. It is 26.5 m tall and has two viewing platforms.

Address: Přítluky

Slunečná lookout tower.

Slunečná lookout tower

The outlook tower is built from wood and has a winding steel staircase. It is 17 metres tall and offers a beautiful view of the microregion Modre Mountains, the Karpats and Lednice-Valtice. When the weather...
tel.: 519428149, 777736413, 774364009

Address: Velké Pavlovice

Lednice Lakes - wooden lookout tower

The wooden lookout structure provides bird's eye view of Lednice ponds. Height of the building does not exceed that of surrounding trees, so the view is limited to Mill Pond. The lookout is open to those...

Address: Lednice

Sonnentor - organic tea and spice processing plant.

Sonnentor - organic tea and spice processing plant

tel.: 518362687

Address: Příhon 943, Čejkovice

Bukovany mill.

Bukovany mill

This newly-built windmill stands over the village of Bukovany. From a height of 16 metres above the ground it is possible to take in an extensive view over the flat surroundings, the nearby Ždánický Forest...
tel.: 518618011, 775700114

Address: Bukovany 70, Bukovany

Slavonic fortress in Mikulčice.

Slavonic fortress in Mikulčice

The uncovered foundation of the Slavic grad from the 8-9th century, which became one of the most significant centres of the Great Moravian Empire of Mojmir in the 9th century. Most probably the site of...
tel.: 518357293

Address: Mikulčice

Šrotík lighthouse - lookout tower.

Šrotík lighthouse - lookout tower

Untraditional viewing tower in the form of a lighthouse. It stands at 27 m in height. After climbing 96 steps, you are offered a view of the entire Staré Město, Uherské Hradiště, Chřiby and White Carpathian...
tel.: 572419771, 601382320

Address: Staré Město

Velký Lopeník in the White Carpathians - wooden lookout tower.

Velký Lopeník in the White Carpathians - wooden lookout tower

The opening of the lookout tower at Velký Lopeník was a festive affair that took place in July 2006. It stands on the Czech-Slovak border and people from both sides of the border took part in its construction...
tel.: 572646900

Address: Lopeník

Slovácký Court - lookout.

Slovácký Court - lookout

tel.: 572598154, 777303246

Address: Nádražní 1010, Ostrožská Nová Ves

Johanka lookout tower.

Johanka lookout tower

11 m high wooden lookout tower with 39 stairs. In favourable weather you can get a view of Pálava, Chřiby, Ždánický forest, and Buchlov Castle.

Address: Hýsly

Modrá - timber lookout tower.

Modrá - timber lookout tower

The wooden lookout tower near Modrá was built by local boy scout organization in 1999. Besides the slopes of the nearest Chřiby, it provides a view of the range of White Carpathian Mountains, Vizovické...

Address: Modrá

Na Podluží observation tower.

Na Podluží observation tower

An iron observation tower which is 30 metres tall and its galvanised structure looks like an oil rig tower, which reminds us of the extraction of oil in this region.

Address: Nový Poddvorov

Nedánov observation tower.

Nedánov observation tower

The wooden structure of the observation tower with metal elements is 26 m tall and is built on the peak of Nedanov (368 m a.s.l.). The observation tower offers a view of Brno with the surrounding hills...

Address: Boleradice

Observation Tower on Lhotka - iron lookout tower.

Observation Tower on Lhotka - iron lookout tower

The telecommunication tower over the village Hradčovice is 35 meters high. The roofed observation gallery 18 meters above ground provides a view of the hillocks of Slovácko.

Address: Hradčovice

Skalka observation tower.

Skalka observation tower

The wooden observation tower is 10.3 m tall.

Address: Bojkovice

Travičná - iron lookout tower.

Travičná - iron lookout tower

The new telecommunication tower above Tvarožná Lhota, 52 meters high, provides a magnificent view of the range of White Carpathian Mountains with Velká Javořina, the fertile wine-growing region of Slovácko...
tel.: 518337726, 725906655

Address: Tvarožná Lhota


Address: Malá Vrbka

Observation Tower Salaš

tel.: 572571220

Address: Salaš

Rovnina - iron lookout tower

Iron telecommunications and observation tower built in 2004.
tel.: 572525525, 572525526

Address: Uherské Hradiště

(Rozhledna Floriánka)

Address: Polešovice

Indian Quarry.

Indian Quarry


Nový Hrádek - castle ruins.

Nový Hrádek - castle ruins

The ruins of a border castle built in the half of the 14th century. To the original rear castle was later added a front castle, which was in the 18th century rebuilt into a hunting castle. That forms the...
tel.: 515296215, 778719168

Address: Zámecká 93, Vranov nad Dyjí

Rumburak lookout tower.

Rumburak lookout tower

The observation tower is 30 m high and stands at an altitude above sea level of 504 m, 146 steps lead to the top. The building is named after the pet animal Rumburk raven, who belonged to the woners and...
tel.: 777348757

Address: Bítov 106

Town hall viewing tower.

Town hall viewing tower

The town hall tower is 65,44 m tall. It belongs among the most significant expressions of high gothic secular architecture in Moravia.
tel.: 739389094

Address: Obroková 12, Znojmo

Anička observation tower.

Anička observation tower

The wooden observation tower is 10 metres tall and was designed by Pavel Navrkal Junior of Mikulovice at Třebíče.

Address: Jiřice u Moravských Budějovic

Lampelberg - castle

The small castle was built in 1860 on the highest hill in the area.
tel.: 601374437, 515220323

Address: Dyjákovičky

(Strážní věž Čížov)

Address: Horní Břečkov

Wolf Tower.

Wolf Tower

Vlkova Tower was built in the 14th century. This gothic building is the last remains of the original fortification dating back to the times of King Přemysl Otakar I. The tower is 32 m high. 123 steps lead...
tel.: 734732019

Address: Kollárova ulice, Znojmo

Sealsfield Stone.

Sealsfield Stone