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Caves a underground

Brno Collectors - technical underground.

Brno Collectors - technical underground

Reinforced steel tunnels which serve for the installation of utilities - hot water and electric cables.
tel.: 542212892

Address: Josefská, Brno

Labyrinth below the Green Market.

Labyrinth below the Green Market

Deep underground space below the Zelny Market with unique and secret corners of medieval corridors and cellars. The exposition familiarises visitors with how food was stored in earlier times, with the...
tel.: 542212892, 542427145, 602128120

Address: Zelný trh 21, Brno

Mintmaster’s cellar.

Mintmaster’s cellar

Mintmaster’s cellar (Mincmistrovský sklep) is a designation of medieval cellars discovered during the excavations carried out in the underground of Dominican Square in 1999. The renovated cellars of the...
tel.: 602128124

Address: Dominikánské náměstí 1, Brno

Ostuary at St. Jacob's.

Ostuary at St. Jacob's

The second largest ossuary in Europe. The cemetery at the church of St. Jacob already existed at the beginning of the 13th century. Soon the capacity was not enough and thus an exchange system of burying...
tel.: 515919793

Address: Jakubské náměstí, Brno

Chateau Slavkov - Austerlitz.

Chateau Slavkov - Austerlitz

The medieval stronghold belonging to the order of German Knights was reconstructed by House Kounic in Renaissance and later in representative Baroque style castle according to a project by B. Martinelli...
tel.: 544227548

Address: Palackého nám. 1, Slavkov u Brna

Špilberk - castle and museum.

Špilberk - castle and museum

A distinctive landmark of Brno, the original residence of Přemysl princes often changed its owners in the course of centuries. The castle became an important fortress (it stood up to the Swedish onslaught)...
tel.: 542123611, 542123614, 542123668, 728671483

Address: Špilberk 210/1, Brno

Pekárna Caves - national natural heritage area.

Pekárna Caves - national natural heritage area

The cave is formed by a single 64 m corridor which is lit by daylight. The end of the cave is created from a large boulder pile under the shaft. In addition, Karel Absolon performed research here and proved...


Židlochovice cellars.

Židlochovice cellars

tel.: 547426024

Address: Masarykova 100, Židlochovice

Army Park Museum of Military Technology, Ořechov u Brna

Area of the former air defence crew of the city of Brno. Exposition on military history (1945-2003), historical military technology, military underground buildings and small objects on display mapping...
tel.: 773737857

Address: Ořechov u Brna

Bunker 10 - Z

tel.: 542210863, 602201696

Address: Husova, Brno

King's Cave.

King's Cave


Ochozská cave.

Ochozská cave

The cave was discovered in 1831 and in 1966 till 1975 it was made accessible to the public. Due to floods, public operations had to be ceased. The Hostěnický Stream flows through a thus unknown underground...

Address: Ochoz u Brna

Výpustek cave.

Výpustek cave

The labyrinth of dark corridors and houses was created by the displacement of the Křtinsky stream. The Czechoslovakian people’s army gradually built a huge atomic defence shelter in one of the cave’s corridors...
tel.: 516439111

Address: Jeskyně Výpustek, Křtiny

Sloupsko-Šošůvské Caves.

Sloupsko-Šošůvské Caves

The Sloupsko-Šošůvské caves are the largest accessible caves in the Czech Republic. They comprise of an extensive complex of buildings, corridors and huge underground abysses, which join two underground...
tel.: 516435335

Address: Sloup 273, Sloup

Amateur cave.

Amateur cave

The longest cave system in the Czech Republic. Active waters of Bíla voda and Punkva, which join underground) flow through the cave’s underground.

Address: Ostrov u Macochy

Balcarka Caves.

Balcarka Caves

A cave with beautifully colored stalactite and stalagmite embellishment. There are even black stalactites in the part called The Chapel. Considering the tools found, the cave was inhabited in the early...
tel.: 516444330

Address: Ostrov u Macochy

Bull Rock Caves.

Bull Rock Caves

The cave is also known as “The Question Mark Cave.” It is situated in the southern part of the Moravian Karst and was the site of a significant archaeological discovery (dating as far back as the Iron...
tel.: 602776097, 516446977


Caves of the Knights of Blaník - artificial sandstone caves.

Caves of the Knights of Blaník - artificial sandstone caves

An artificial cavern with sculptures of sixteen Knights of Blaník Hill and their commander St. Wenceslas. Its entrance is guarded by a statue of lion. The sculptures were created by Stanislav Rolínek,...
tel.: 739510772, 604984459

Address: Rudka

Dungeon Cave.

Dungeon Cave


Imperial Cave.

Imperial Cave

In 1824 the Emperor and Empress Teresa (from where the name was derived) visited the cave. In 1933 the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes was placed here, which is why the place is referred to as the Moravian...
tel.: 516444334

Address: Ostrov u Macochy

Kateřinská Caves.

Kateřinská Caves

A cavern with distinctive stalactite and stalagmite decoration, featuring long, staff-like stalagmites. The main dome is one of the largest in the entire Moravian Karst. The cave is an important archaeological...
tel.: 516413161

Address: Blansko

Macocha - karst gorge.

Macocha - karst gorge

A well-known gorge, 138.5 meters deep created by collapse of a huge dome. The bottom of the gorge is crossed by the stream of Punkva, connecting it to the Punkva cave system.
tel.: 516413575, 516410024


Punkevní Caves.

Punkevní Caves

K. Absolon discovered the cave with spacious domes and stalagmite and stalactite embellishment in 1909. The feature of the tour is cruising on waves of the underground stream Punkva, crossing the bottom...
tel.: 516418602

Address: Ostrov u Macochy

(Jeskyně Bertalánka)

tel.: 777514414



tel.: 732518915, 604975416

Address: Křtiny

Suchý žleb.

Suchý žleb


Valtice Underground - labyrinth of wine cellars.

Valtice Underground - labyrinth of wine cellars

Lednice-Valtice wines
tel.: 723600423

Address: Vinařská 34, Valtice

The National Wine Centre.

The National Wine Centre

The National Wine Centre n.p.o. is an organisation whose main goal of activities is the promotion of support of our wine and viticulture. NWC sponsors the greatest win competition in the Czech Republic...
tel.: 519352072

Address: Zámek 1, Valtice

Exposition on the history of the Church of St. Wenceslas and the Ossuary.

Exposition on the history of the Church of St. Wenceslas and the Ossuary

tel.: 519512368

Address: Kostelní náměstí 2, Mikulov

Na Turoldu Caves.

Na Turoldu Caves

The Na Turold cave was made accessible to the public in 1958-1967 and then reopened in 2004. Apart from water, tectonic plate movement on shifts and crashes primarily affected the cave’s look. The limestone...
tel.: 519321718

Address: Mikulov

Permanent viticultural exhibition.

Permanent viticultural exhibition

Renovated cellar rooms of the historical renaissance building "U Synků". The history of viticulture in Hustopeče. Historical exhibits, which served to treat vineyards and for producing and storing wine...
tel.: 775095526

Address: Dukelské náměstí 23, Hustopeče

Mikulov secret cellars.

Mikulov secret cellars

Interactive exhibition on legendary fi gures located in the town’s mysterious underground cellars. Here you can try on the costumes, fi nd the ingredients for magic potions, catch a bat, and other fun...
tel.: 605838801

Address: Náměstí 8, Mikulov

Pálava tasting salon

tel.: 737246500

Address: č.p. 138, Bavory

Čejkovice - chateau.

Čejkovice - chateau

The renaissance castle with historical wine cellars from 13th century originally belonged to the Templar order. After the Order had been abolished the castle came to one of the noble families and after...
tel.: 518362538

Address: Templářská 1, Čejkovice

Templar cellars.

Templar cellars

The historical Templar cellars from the 13th century belong among the most beautiful and most valuable in South Moravia. About 650 m of underground corridors are accessible, the dimensions of which amaze...
tel.: 518309011

Address: Čejkovice 945, Čejkovice

(Velehrad s bazilikou sv. Cyrila a Metoděje) - place of pilgrimage.

(Velehrad s bazilikou sv. Cyrila a Metoděje) - place of pilgrimage

The large monastery is one of the most significant places of pilgrimage in Moravia. It was built in the late Romanesque style in 1240s. A part of the monastery is the Basilica of the Virgin Mary Assumption...
tel.: 571110538

Address: Stojanovo nádvoří 206, Velehrad

Chateau cellars.

Chateau cellars

The chateau cellars from the end of the 14th century, where the highest quality years and attributive wines are stored and mature. The cellars belong among Moravian rarities. They are divided into three...
tel.: 602670051

Address: Boženy Hrejsové 1201, Strážnice

Bzenec - chateau cellars.

Bzenec - chateau cellars

tel.: 775853956

Address: Zámecká 1508, Bzenec

Museum of Oil Mining and Geology.

Museum of Oil Mining and Geology

A unique complex of technical and geological expositions related to the survey and extraction of oil within the territory of the Czech and Slovak Republic, and worldwide.
tel.: 604413665, 607851686

Address: Kasárenská 1022, Hodonín

Live Water grounds - learning grounds.

Live Water grounds - learning grounds

Exhibits of biotopes in Moravia, mainly exhibits of aquatic and wetland ecosystems with the largest freshwater tunnel in Europe, where you can see almost all types of fish that lived and live in the Cyech...
tel.: 572571180

Address: Modrá

Znojmo Underground.

Znojmo Underground

tel.: 515221342, 608204535

Address: Slepičí trh 2, Znojmo

Mark's wine cellars - cellar complex.

Mark's wine cellars - cellar complex

tel.: 604216654

Address: Olbramovice 340, Olbramovice

Eternal Gallery.

Eternal Gallery

tel.: 776856650

Address: Velká Mikulášská 11, Znojmo

Painted cellar.

Painted cellar

Wine cellar decorated with three-dimensional folk paintings by the artist. Both sides of the main hall and walls of the five adjacent rooms are decorated by colour, three-dimensional paintings, which were...
tel.: 774 700 572

Address: Šatov

Cross-vaulted cellar Přímětice

The second largest cross-shaped cellar in the world built by Jesuits. The best Znojmo wines ripen here. The acoustics are unique. The so-called Jesuit telephone is a rarity – when you talk quietly into...
tel.: 515225014, 721754656

Address: Přímětice

Přeskače - underground

Medieval underground corridors were discovered by chance when constructing local canalisation (in 2004). A rescue archaeological survey was conducted. The underground is very well preserved and most probably...
tel.: 515339234

Address: Přeskače

Sedlešovice - painted cellar

Painted cellar from the 12th century found in a sandstone base at a depth of 11 m. At the end of the cellar, there are several motifs of knights engraved into the sandstone by Maxmilian Appeltauer, a Šatov...
tel.: 776556156

Address: č.p. 18, Nový Šaldorf-Sedlešovice