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Technical monuments

Brno Collectors - technical underground.

Brno Collectors - technical underground

Reinforced steel tunnels which serve for the installation of utilities - hot water and electric cables.
tel.: 542212892

Address: Josefská, Brno

Permonium - entertainment park.

Permonium - entertainment park

Permonium Park is interestingly set in the gradually recultivated brownfield of the former Rosice - Oslavan mine Kukla. It expands over two levels of height on an area of 6000 m2. A tour of the tower,...
tel.: 546492215, 546492219

Address: Padochovská 270/31, Oslavany

Brno-Kníničky - reservoir dam.

Brno-Kníničky - reservoir dam

This solid concrete dam with hydro-power plant built in 1936 - 1940 is the first dam with tailrace spillway. The dam is 120 m long in the crest and 34 m high.


Černvír - covered bridge.

Černvír - covered bridge

This curbed wooden bridge with hip roof was built in 1718 and is 32 m long, 2.6 m wide and 4 m high. It lies in the vicinity of a mill and several times was destroyed by fire.

Address: Černvír

Chvalkovice - windmill.

Chvalkovice - windmill

The walled windmill of a slightly conical shape southeast of the village, by the red-marked tourist trail was built of brick in 1873 and called after its owners Vítkův větřák (Vítek's Windy). After 1918...

Address: Chvalkovice

Dolní Loučky - railway bridge.

Dolní Loučky - railway bridge

The bridge is made of a single ferro-concrete arch, which is one of the largest railway bridges in Europe. It was finished in 1953 and is a part of the railway line between Brno and Havlíčkův Brod. The...

Address: Dolní Loučky

Ivančice - railway bridge.

Ivančice - railway bridge

This historical viaduct was built in 1870 as part of the railway line to Vienna. Originally there were two bridges; today what is left of the older one is one span and pylons. The existing bridge is 394...


Museum of industrial railways, Zbýšov.

Museum of industrial railways, Zbýšov

Steam engines from 1913 – 1951, motor engines from 1940 – 1981 and even an electric Siemens engine from 1905.
tel.: 606832394

Address: Zbýšov

Pillar at Brno's reservoir.

Pillar at Brno's reservoir

Remains of the planned motorway connection Vienna- Vratislav built during the occupation in 1940-1945.

Address: Brno

Prudká - paper mill.

Prudká - paper mill

Address: Doubravník

Rosice - stone bridge.

Rosice - stone bridge

A remarkable stone bridge overarches the stream of the Bobrava rivulet, which is there deeply cutinto rocky banks and forms a small canyon. The ancient bridge is ten meters high and three meters wide....

Address: Rosice

Sugar refinery.

Sugar refinery

Address: Hrušovany u Brna

Masaryk racing circuit (Grand Prix) - racing track.

Masaryk racing circuit (Grand Prix) - racing track

The motor-racing circuit in the middle of woods is used from 1987. The racing course is 5.394 km long and contains 14 turnings. The grounds include a golf course.
tel.: 546123311

Address: Ostrovačice

Ruprechtov - windmill.

Ruprechtov - windmill

The walled rotund windmill northwest of the village was built in 1873 and originally had a common windmill wheel. In the late 19th century a windstorm broke its blades and the miller had the so-called...
tel.: 739883277, 606242370

Address: Ruprechtov 213, Drnovice

Borač - road bridge.

Borač - road bridge

The steel road bridge over the Svratka River is a technical monument dating back to 1910. It is an interesting example of the historical development of bridge construction.

Address: Borač

Brno - bridge

Address: Brno

Brno Clock Sculpture.

Brno Clock Sculpture

Address: Brno

Julius Mine.

Julius Mine

Julius mine was one of the most important mines of the Rosice-Oslavany area. The mining tower and the coal washery towering above Zastávka became a symbol of the village for several generations. Apart...

Address: Zastávka

Marble quarry

Address: Nedvědice

Pernštejn - wooden covered bridge.

Pernštejn - wooden covered bridge

Address: Nedvědice, Pernštejn

Vojkovice  - water mill.

Vojkovice - water mill

Address: Mlýnská 60, Vojkovice

Boskovice - mill

The mill is a part of the Boskovice mill cascade and is the last fully functioning one. Original furnishings from the company Josef Prokop and Sons from Pardubice.
tel.: 724696145

Address: Podhradí 3, Boskovice

Adamov Engineering Works.

Adamov Engineering Works

Address: Adamov

Josefov at Adamov old smelting plant - industrial heritage site.

Josefov at Adamov old smelting plant - industrial heritage site

The oldest technical preserve in the CR declared in 1971 and the oldest extant iron works in Central Europe. There is an exposition of iron working in its residential parts. The groundfloor of the building...
tel.: 516446671, 602225298


Klam's Ironworks.

Klam's Ironworks

tel.: 516416556

Address: Klamovka 56, Blansko

Kořenec - windmill.

Kořenec - windmill

The walled rotund windmill south of the center of the village, near sports grounds was built in 1866, and used for milling for the last time in 1947. It was special because of its 6 blades on the windmill...

Address: Kořenec

Letovice - water supply tower.

Letovice - water supply tower

Address: Letovice

Ostrov u Macochy - windmill.

Ostrov u Macochy - windmill

The rotund, brick windmill in the southwestern part of the village, by red and green tourist signs, was founded probably in 1865. Its fair-faced walls from white limestone are very impressive. The mill...

Address: Ostrov u Macochy

Ostrov u Macochy - windmill.

Ostrov u Macochy - windmill

Address: č.p. 120, Ostrov u Macochy

Porc's Mill.

Porc's Mill

Functional old-fashioned with an original mill wheel from the 16th century. The mill was reconstructed into the form it had in the 19th century. Go through the entire mill Porč - find out how to grind...
tel.: 725378809, 724264810

Address: č.p. 25, Býkovice

Rudice - museum and wind mill.

Rudice - museum and wind mill

The original historical building ceased to serve its purpose with the extinction of miller rights in 1945. The mill is a listed building. In 1966 the sheet metal roofing was replaced by a shingle roof...
tel.: 602729084, 603803435

Address: U Větřáku 90, Rudice

Velká Dohoda - lime works.

Velká Dohoda - lime works

tel.: 604251675


Crhov - mill.

Crhov - mill

Address: č.p. 1, Crhov

(Ježkův most)

Address: Blansko

Petrovice - windmill

A stone windmill of Dutch type from 1855

Address: Petrovice

Lednice - aquaduct.

Lednice - aquaduct

Aquaduct on Grott's Island, which once served as a waterfall. The structure is completed by a cave made from large boulders.

Address: Lednice

Nové Mlýny - water reservoirs.

Nové Mlýny - water reservoirs

This water work built in 80s and 90 s of 20th century consists of three parts. The upper and lower parts today serve recreational purposes, the middle one for the environmental stability. The whole structure...


Communal silo.

Communal silo

Address: Velké Pavlovice

Historical wine press

Spiral type press with one screw, typical of the Moravian wine region. It was fully reconstructed with the contributions of the village Pavlov and local wine makers.

Address: Pavlov

Museum in a Wagon.

Museum in a Wagon

Museum in wagons located in renovated historic rail car. Railway and mining exhibition - the history of mining coal, railway tracks of the district Hodonin, period photographs, original interior of a historical...
tel.: 724247671

Address: U Trati, Ratíškovice

Baťa canal - canal.

Baťa canal - canal

The water canal built in 1934 - 1938 today serves mainly for recreational cruises. The route is 51.8 km long, of which 27 km falls to the Morava river, 1 km to the Dřevnice river and 24 km is artificial...
tel.: 518325330


Klobouky u Brna - windmill.

Klobouky u Brna - windmill

The wooden windmill is situated on a hillock south of the town, with a red-marked tourist trail going to it. The building, including well-preserved milling machinery is from Pacetluky in the Kroměříž region...
tel.: 774324254, 519361570

Address: Klobouky u Brna

Kostelany nad Moravou - bridge.

Kostelany nad Moravou - bridge

Address: Kostelany nad Moravou

Kuželov - windmill.

Kuželov - windmill

The walled conical windmill is located in a shallow saddleback by the green-marked educational trail. It was built in 1842, with surrounding farm building added in 1906. It was used for milling until 1940...
tel.: 723136624, 602438644

Address: č.p. 156, Kuželov

Průžkův's Mill.

Průžkův's Mill

One of the oldest preserved buildings in Strážnice, of which the first written record dates back to 1543. It was originally a water mill, gradually reconstructed into a steam mill at the end of the 19th...
tel.: 605482543

Address: Bratrská 30, Strážnice

Starý Poddvorov - windmill.

Starý Poddvorov - windmill

German type wooden mill, buily by Mr. Laštůvka of Mutěnice in the 19th century. Later on, František Bařina moved it to the Staré Poddvor. In 1890 it was damaged by a windstorm and reconstructed two years...
tel.: 518372123, 724162263

Address: Starý Poddvorov

Sudoměřice - tipper.

Sudoměřice - tipper

Lignite transhipment point, so-called tipper and railway train junction to Rohatec station.
tel.: 732141614

Address: Sudoměřice

Hydroelectric power plant

Address: Zámecká 13, Veselí nad Moravou

(Pípalův vodní mlýn)

tel.: 732585135, 605804088

Address: Šumice 81

Prokop Diviš Memorial.

Prokop Diviš Memorial

The author of the monument’s design was the Brno architect Bohuslav Fuchs. The replica of a lightening rod was constructed in Brno’s training school Zborjovka. The reliefs in the monument’s interior symbolise...
tel.: 736465085

Address: Prokopa Diviše 205/15, Znojmo, Přímětice

Lesná - windmill.

Lesná - windmill

The conical, brick windmill on the southern edge of the village built in the middle of the 19th century, was abandoned and left to decay after the World War Two. In 1987, rebuilding to current restaurant...
tel.: 737420296

Address: Lesná

Mill water-gang - water power.

Mill water-gang - water power

Dyje River water lead, which is one of the oldest water structures in Moravia (documented already in 1302). It is 29 km long, approximately 15 m wide.

Address: Krhovice

Slup - water mill.

Slup - water mill

The big Renaissance watermill houses an exposition called Miller's Trade from Primeval Ages to Present in its residential part. The exposition “Development of milling technology” informs visitors of the...
tel.: 515235370, 608439147

Address: Slup 94, Jaroslavice

Znojmo - water reservoir.

Znojmo - water reservoir

The reservoir was built in 1962-66 to balance the irregular run-offs from the Vranovské dam, to protect against floods, to produce electricity and to primarily serve as a reservoir for drinking water for...

Address: Znojmo

Znojmo - railway viaduct.

Znojmo - railway viaduct

The bridge lies on the route Znojmo-Šatov-Retz. It was erected on three stone pillars in 1871, according to the project by J. Brika. It is 220 m long and 48 m high. At present it is the largest structure...

Address: Znojmo

Vranov - reservoir dam.

Vranov - reservoir dam

This is the first concrete dam built in Czechoslovakia in 1934. It is 292 m long and 60 m high.


Factory for the manufacture of earthenware goods

Address: 8. května 91, Vranov nad Dyjí

Jevišovice - reservoir dam.

Jevišovice - reservoir dam

This is the oldest water dam in Moravia which was built in 1894 - 1896. It is used in water management and for recreation purposes, and its stone dam with length 121 m and height 25 m is known for its...


Lower mill

It belonged to the Baptists from the middle of the 16th century. There are beams preserved in the interior with the year 1612 engraved in them.

Address: č.p. 68, Trstěnice

(Strážní věž Čížov)

Address: Horní Břečkov

Vedrovice - windmill

The building has remained preserved in its complete state and served to pump water into the reservoir and distribute water in a part of Zábrdovice and in Vedrovice to the village square until 1950, when...

Address: Vedrovice

Vranov Dam - footbridge

This 252 m long footbridge suspended on two 28 m high pylons on two times 108 steel cables spans across the Swiss bay. The roadway width is between 9.7 to 6.5 m.