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Museums, galleries and open-air museums

Electricarium of the Technical University in Brno

tel.: 541146102

Address: Technická 3058, Brno

Exhibition of Alfons Mucha and Vladimír Menšík.

Exhibition of Alfons Mucha and Vladimír Menšík

The life and works of the Ivančice native, Art Nouveau painter, graphic designer and founder of the Czech school of classic photographz of nudes.
tel.: 546451870, 546419429

Address: Palackého náměstí 9, Ivančice

Mintmaster’s cellar.

Mintmaster’s cellar

Mintmaster’s cellar (Mincmistrovský sklep) is a designation of medieval cellars discovered during the excavations carried out in the underground of Dominican Square in 1999. The renovated cellars of the...
tel.: 602128124

Address: Dominikánské náměstí 1, Brno

Permonium - entertainment park.

Permonium - entertainment park

Permonium Park is interestingly set in the gradually recultivated brownfield of the former Rosice - Oslavan mine Kukla. It expands over two levels of height on an area of 6000 m2. A tour of the tower,...
tel.: 546492215, 546492219

Address: Padochovská 270/31, Oslavany

Moravian Museum – Dietrichstein Palace.

Moravian Museum – Dietrichstein Palace

Extinct life in Moravia – paleontological exposition. The world of minerals – an exposition on minerals presenting the mineral wealth here and all over the world. Primeval Moravia – archaeological exposition...
tel.: 533435220

Address: Zelný trh 8, Brno

VIDA! Science Centre - Science amusement park.

VIDA! Science Centre - Science amusement park

tel.: 730896545

Address: Křížkovského 554/12, Brno

Bishop Manor-house - museum.

Bishop Manor-house - museum

tel.: 533435220

Address: Muzejní 1, Brno

Moravian Museum – Anthropos Pavilion.

Moravian Museum – Anthropos Pavilion

The oldest history of the settlement of Moravia and the entire continent of Europe – “The Moravia of hunters and collectors,” “Europe’s oldest art,” and “Paleolithic technology.” Actual findings from research...
tel.: 515919760

Address: Pisárecká 5, Brno

Museum of Agricultural Machinery.

Museum of Agricultural Machinery

Unique historical agricultural machines and tools, which were used in Hana at the turn of the 20th century.
tel.: 517362740

Address: Hoštice-Heroltice

Tišnova City Museum.

Tišnova City Museum

The museum is found in Müller's House, which was established around 1712 with the reconstruction of an older building from the last quarter of the 17th century into a storeyed pub with beer-brewing rights...
tel.: 549212550, 777506019

Address: Jungmannova 80, Tišnov

Löw-Beer Villa.

Löw-Beer Villa

tel.: 544245010

Address: Drobného 297/22, Brno

Fait gallery.

Fait gallery

tel.: 602564245

Address: Ve Vaňkovce 2, Brno

Mitrovský Villa.

Mitrovský Villa

Chateau in baroque-classical style. Built as a recreational summer residence – the garden casino was built by the Count Antonín Arnošt Mitrovský. Reconstruction work was performed in 1978-1987 and 2010...
tel.: 605972588

Address: Veletržní 19, Brno

Moravian Gallery in Brno - Arts and Crafts Museum.

Moravian Gallery in Brno - Arts and Crafts Museum

The Moravian Museum of Applied Arts established in 1873 was among the oldest of its kind in Austria-Hungary. A new, modern building was constructed in Husova Street in 1880–1883. The Wiener Werkstätte...
tel.: 532169111

Address: Husova 14, Brno

Moravian Gallery in Brno - Governor's Pallace.

Moravian Gallery in Brno - Governor's Pallace

The palace established as an Augustinian monastery in the near vicinity of the ramparts of the Moravian margrave Jan Jindřich. This building complex acquired this present day form firstly in the 1660s...
tel.: 724959212, 532169176

Address: Moravské nám. 1a, Brno

Moravian Gallery in Brno - Pražák's Palace.

Moravian Gallery in Brno - Pražák's Palace

One of the most noteworthy neo-renaissance complexes in Moravia (Viennese architect Theophil von Hansen). The tenement building was commissioned by Czech politician JUDr. Alois Pražák in the style of north...
tel.: 532169130, 532169146

Address: Husova 18, Brno

Špilberk - castle and museum.

Špilberk - castle and museum

A distinctive landmark of Brno, the original residence of Přemysl princes often changed its owners in the course of centuries. The castle became an important fortress (it stood up to the Swedish onslaught)...
tel.: 542123611, 542123614, 542123668, 728671483

Address: Špilberk 210/1, Brno

Technical Museum in Brno.

Technical Museum in Brno

Technical Museum in Brno serves as a collecting, scientific, cultural, educational, methodological institution, mainly in Moravia and Silesia, and in some areas its scope is national. The permanent expositions...
tel.: 541421411

Address: Purkyňova 105, Brno

Vyškov - chateau and museum.

Vyškov - chateau and museum

A Renaissance castle from the 17th century, a former castle of the Olomouc bishops. In 1753 was burned down and later reconstructed as an army hospital and, even later, school. After a reconstruction in...
tel.: 517348040

Address: nám. Čsl. armády 2, Vyškov

Jambor House Gallery.

Jambor House Gallery

Paintings donated by Josef Jambor to Tišnov City.
tel.: 549410211

Address: Brněnská 475, Tišnov

Gallery in the International Shopping Centre in Brno.

Gallery in the International Shopping Centre in Brno

tel.: 602726177

Address: Příkop 4, Brno

House of Art.

House of Art

Built according to the design of Heinrich Ried as Kaiser Franz Josefs Jubiläum-Künstlerhaus in the style of Viennese Art Nouveau. Following World War II it was taken over by the city of Brno and architect...
tel.: 542213883

Address: Malinovského náměstí 2, Brno

Leoš Janáček Memorial.

Leoš Janáček Memorial

Exhibition devoted to the composer’s finest works and primarily to the entirely preserved study of Janáček. Audiovisual room.
tel.: 606033100

Address: Smetanova 14, Brno

Mendel's Museum.

Mendel's Museum

The mission of the Mendel Museum of Masaryk University is to disseminate notions of an Augustinian Abbot G. J. Mendel. He has become famous for his experiments on plants (especially his experimental work...
tel.: 549496669

Address: Mendlovo nám. 1a, Brno

Museum of Literature in Moravia - monastery and museum.

Museum of Literature in Moravia - monastery and museum

It belongs among the oldest monasteries in Moravia. The original provost of the Břevnov Benedictines established in the middle of the 11th century, rebuilt into a baroque monastery with the Church of St...
tel.: 547229136

Address: Klášter 1, Rajhrad

Palace Hlinky - gallery.

Palace Hlinky - gallery

tel.: 543124111

Address: Hlinky 110, Brno

Palace of the Nobility.

Palace of the Nobility

The house “U šlechtičen” (at the Aristocrats) was built in the style of the town’s baroque palace by Brno architect Jan Křtitel Erna. In 1790-1791 the original single-storey building was expanded by another...
tel.: 542422361

Address: Kobližná 1, Brno

(Porta Coeli - Kostel Nanebevzetí Panny Marie) - monastery and museum.

(Porta Coeli - Kostel Nanebevzetí Panny Marie) - monastery and museum

Porta Coeli - The Gate of Heavens in Předklášteří u Tišnova - was founded by Queen Constance as a Cistercian Convent in 1233. The convent was razed several times and even closed down during the centuries...
tel.: 549412293

Address: Porta Coeli 1001, Předklášteří

(Retro muzeum Na statku)

tel.: 737380601

Address: Pěstitelská 155/24, Brno

Zetor Gallery.

Zetor Gallery

tel.: 739327912

Address: Trnkova 111, Brno

Art Gallery.

Art Gallery

tel.: 723550561

Address: Cihlářská 19, Brno

Jurkovič Villa.

Jurkovič Villa

One of the most significant architectural monuments from the turn of the 20th century in Brno. The basic concept of the house stems from British architecture, from the cottage type. During the period between...
tel.: 532169501, 773773616

Address: Jana Nečase 2, Brno

Old post office - Austerlitz.

Old post office - Austerlitz

A historically valuable monument from the period of the Slavkov battle. On 28.11.1805 marshal Murat had the main tent here and on 2.12.1805 the Russian general Bragation was positioned here. Napoleon spent...
tel.: 724315434

Address: Kovalovice 109

Marionetter Museum

tel.: 545321273

Address: Bratislavská 32, Brno

Old town hall.

Old town hall

The oldest secular building in Brno. The city administration headquarters were seated here until 1935. Prior to 1510, the entrance to the courtyard was created through the tower walls. The courtyard was...
tel.: 542427106

Address: Radnická 8, Brno

Bučovice - chateau.

Bučovice - chateau

A four-wing Renaissance castle with a beautiful courtyard and valuable Mannerism style fountain. The castle construction begun in 1567 in place of former stronghold. Thanks to its beautiful interior and...
tel.: 517383135

Address: Zámek 1, Bučovice

(Kaple sv. Anny a špitál).

(Kaple sv. Anny a špitál)

Simple, single-nave structure, which is enclosed on the east side by a pentagonal presbytery. A niche with a sculpture of the Crucifixion from 1897 carved into the facade. The chapel is an example of Renaissance...
tel.: 517348040

Address: Dukelská, Vyškov

Měnín Gate.

Měnín Gate

Měnín gate is the only remaining gate of the Brno fortification system. The gate was built around the year 1500. Originally, it was a four-storey tower building. Today Měnín gate is the part of the Brno...
tel.: 542214946

Address: Měnínská 7, Brno

Milan Zezula Gallery

tel.: 533316301

Address: Lidická 16, Brno

Museum in Šlapanice.

Museum in Šlapanice

The old building of the former Šlapanicky scholasterie, which served prior to the battle of the Three Emperors as the headquarters of the French marshal Soulta, general IV of the French military corps...
tel.: 544228029

Address: Masarykovo nám. 18, Šlapanice

Museum of Air and Ground Military Vehicles.

Museum of Air and Ground Military Vehicles

Planes which served in Czechoslovakian avaiation, flew in CS or were made here. Ground technology, weapons of war - tanks, guns, cannons, mortars, howitzers etc.
tel.: 604789651, 777637833

Address: Československé Armády 2, Vyškov

Museum of industrial railways, Zbýšov.

Museum of industrial railways, Zbýšov

Steam engines from 1913 – 1951, motor engines from 1940 – 1981 and even an electric Siemens engine from 1905.
tel.: 606832394

Address: Zbýšov

Smith's shop.

Smith's shop

The black smith’s shop was a part of the Vrchnostensky court, which dates back to 1377. The black smith’s shop acquired its present day appearance after reconstruction in 1700. In the first half of the...
tel.: 544248713, 724239656

Address: Těšany

The Cairn of Peace, Prace near Brno - battle memorial.

The Cairn of Peace, Prace near Brno - battle memorial

Memorial of the Battle of Austerlitz. The battle broke out on 2. 12. 1805, and ended by the victory of Napoleon and defeat of Austrian and Russian troops. The pyramidal Memorial on the Prace Hill was built...
tel.: 544244724

Address: K Mohyle míru 200, Prace u Brna

Vila Stiassni.

Vila Stiassni

Functionalist villa built according to the design of Ernst Wiesner, commissioned by Alfreed Stiassny. President Edvard Beneš also resided here briefly.
tel.: 778545993, 724756189

Address: Hroznová 14, Brno

The House of the Lords of Kunštát - museum.

The House of the Lords of Kunštát - museum

The buildings origin dates back to the middle of the 14th century. At the end of the 16th century, the originally gothic building was reconstructed into a renaissance palace. For several years it served...
tel.: 542213883

Address: Dominikánská 9, Brno

The Museum of Romany culture.

The Museum of Romany culture

The unique museum was opened in 1991. It boasts the modern permanent exhibition "The Story of the Roma", and it offers a number of additional exhibitions to visitors. The story of the Roma in world events...
tel.: 545581206

Address: Bratislavská 246/67, Brno

Židlochovice cellars.

Židlochovice cellars

tel.: 547426024

Address: Masarykova 100, Židlochovice

Academic Memorial, Kolda

A part of the estate of the academic Kolda is stored in the monument.

Address: č.p. 9, Doubravník

Apiarian Museum.

Apiarian Museum

tel.: 604939464

Address: Zbýšovská 1029, Rosice

Centre for Twentieth Century Cultural-Political History

tel.: 515910420

Address: Hudcova 321/76, Brno

Department of Botany of Moravian Museum

The systematic and phytogeography of superior plants, mushrooms and moss growth. The library and herbarium are accessible to the expert public.
tel.: 533435238, 727934566

Address: Hviezdoslavova 29a, Brno

G99 Gallery.

G99 Gallery

tel.: 542213883

Address: Dominikánská 348/9, Brno

Gallery on the Steps

Address: Bezručova 21, Tišnov

Gallery Out of the Way.

Gallery Out of the Way

tel.: 566566494

Address: Kížovice 3, Doubravník

Libušina Gallery.

Libušina Gallery

In addition to paintings, the gallery offers fine gift items made by various artists in glass, ceramics, jewellery, hand-made paper, as well as high quality teas and select Moravian and Austrian wines...
tel.: 608811610, 603870742

Address: Malhostovice 45

Monument to "May Fairy Tales".

Monument to "May Fairy Tales"

Exposition devoted to the creation and response to Vilém Mrštík’s novel Pohádka máje (A May fairytale).
tel.: 546427323

Address: náměstí Viléma Mrštíka 54, Ostrovačice

Municipal museum.

Municipal museum

Memories of the ancestors of Svabenice. Trades and guilds in Svabenice.
tel.: 517365622

Address: č.p. 190, Švábenice

Skleněnka Gallery.

Skleněnka Gallery

There is a permanent exhibition of glass figurines and production demonstrations of items from the bead studio.
tel.: 777668990

Address: Březina 3

Stříbský Mill.

Stříbský Mill

tel.: 723726622

Address: Stříbský mlýn 4, Ivančice

Army Park Museum of Military Technology, Ořechov u Brna

Area of the former air defence crew of the city of Brno. Exposition on military history (1945-2003), historical military technology, military underground buildings and small objects on display mapping...
tel.: 773737857

Address: Ořechov u Brna

Bunker 10 - Z

tel.: 542210863, 602201696

Address: Husova, Brno

HaDivadla Gallery

tel.: 530330869, 731457204

Address: Poštovská 455/8, Brno

Katakomby Gallery

tel.: 542123411

Address: Zelný trh 9, Brno

Mathias Gallery

tel.: 731182249

Address: Josefská 1, Brno

Muzeum in Ivančice

tel.: 546451489

Address: Široká 1, Ivančice

Thatched cottage.

Thatched cottage

tel.: 517385364

Address: č.p. 137, Ruprechtov

TIC Gallery

tel.: 542427108, 542427104

Address: Radnická 4, Brno

Urban Centre

tel.: 778520752, 542210297

Address: Mečová 5, Brno

Diana Gallery

tel.: 777152717

Address: Koráb 133, Tišnov

Museum of Religious Art

tel.: 533033278

Address: Petrov 1, Brno

(Alfa galerie)

tel.: 545227912, 739886702

Address: Žižkova 600, Bílovice nad Svitavou

ARS Gallery

tel.: 542218291, 603161476

Address: Veselá 39, Brno

Educational and cultural centre of Jewish Museum in Prague

tel.: 544509651, 775054790

Address: tř. Kpt. Jaroše 3, Brno

Exhibition of war models

tel.: 548211405, 543330934

Address: Zábrdovická 10, Brno

(Expozice Lidé a peníze)

tel.: 542137319, 731597136

Address: Rooseveltova 18, Brno

(Galerie Monomach)

tel.: 721053935

Address: Gorkého 2/12, Brno

(Galerie Patriot)

tel.: 777603552

Address: Štěpánova 1964, Tišnov

(Galerie Rojetín)

tel.: 724740363

Address: Rojetín

(Galerie Umakart)

Address: Lidická 40, Brno

(Galerie Valchařská)

tel.: 734333438

Address: Valchařská 24/36, Brno


tel.: 549257003

Address: Lidická 7, Brno

Gallery of Art Education

tel.: 542423440

Address: Dominikánská 9, Brno

Gallery of Artists

tel.: 776181283

Address: Slovákova 1, Brno

Gallery of Brno Architecture

tel.: 731473100

Address: Starobrněnská 18, Brno

Gallery of Jiří Putna

tel.: 604285466

Address: Luční 54, Brno

House At Red Ox - gallery

tel.: 542214844

Address: Kobližná 2 , Brno

Kostkoland - museum and gameroom

tel.: 607053584

Address: U Dálnice 777, Brno

Light Gallery

tel.: 549257803

Address: Kounicova 15, Brno

Mahen's memorial

Mahen's workroom - authentic furnishings originating from the workshop of architect Jan Vaňek. Paintings by modern Czech painters. Exhibition of the documents and works of Jiří Mahen, about the establishment...
tel.: 543248479

Address: Mahenova 8, Brno

(Místogalerie na Skleněné louce)

tel.: 603284259, 605472981

Address: Kounicova 23, Brno

Museum of Bicycles

tel.: 608968426

Address: Kosmákova 1, Brno

Museum of Computer Sciences

Personal computers and technology and media used as computer memory. Torso of the clockwork from the clock tower of a Carthusian monastery.
tel.: 541141144

Address: Božetěchova 2, Brno

Museum of the town of Modřice

Exposition on the history and present of the town Modřic.
tel.: 547246124

Address: Komenského 397, Modřice

(Muzeum vozů BMW)

tel.: 548141548

Address: Řípská 5c, Brno

Off/Format Gallery

tel.: 737969098

Address: Gorkého 41, Brno

Offspring Gallery

tel.: 545243839, 773 826 837

Address: Špitálka 16, Brno

Orlovna Gallery

tel.: 725111460

Address: Cukrovarská 738, Židlochovice

Prostorr2 Gallery

Address: Radnická 2, Brno

Rudolf Březa Gallery

Work from the remains of the native-legionary Rudolf Břez. Collection of sculptures, also including chamber and monumental works on the theme of Czechoslovakian legions.
tel.: 544247659, 544247636

Address: Podolí č. 1, Podolí u Brna

SC Gallery

tel.: 607181117

Address: Kozí 8, Brno

V-studio Gallery.

V-studio Gallery

tel.: 737712360, 603224062

Address: Jungmannova 68, Tišnov

Work Gallery

tel.: 608970996, 542214930

Address: Starobrněnská 286/13, Brno

Blansko - chateau and museum.

Blansko - chateau and museum

A Renaissance castle built over the original Gothic stronghold. The castle was founded in 1547 and rebuilt several times since. At its peak it had been an important cultural centre. Its owners supported...
tel.: 516417221

Address: Zámek 1, Blansko

The Museum of Boskovice region.

The Museum of Boskovice region

Museum of Boskovice region is located in rooms of former manorial residence. It's interested in history of town, even Boskovice region, including gathering material of collections, organizing short-term...
tel.: 516452077

Address: Hradní 1, Boskovice

Černá Hora Brewery - brewery and museum.

Černá Hora Brewery - brewery and museum

The first written record of the brewery dates back to 1530, when the Černa Hora estate was owned by brothers Tas and Jaroslav Černohorský of Boskovice. Exhibit on the development of brewing beer, from...
tel.: 539086395, 731689907

Address: Černá Hora 3/5, Černá Hora

Křetín - model railway tracks.

Křetín - model railway tracks

Model railway tacks located in the attic of a family house, which presentsthe main single rail track passing over where two dominant rivers meet - the Čeřanka and Mála, and connects two important railway...
tel.: 603275762

Address: č.p. 141, Křetín

Museum of historical agricultural machinery.

Museum of historical agricultural machinery

The base of historical machinery collection consists of exhibits gathered by Boskovice Secondary technical school in 70's. These machines used to serve for teaching. Collection includes products of Czech...
tel.: 724696141, 516454607

Address: Nám. 9. května, Boskovice

Museum of Agricultural Technology.

Museum of Agricultural Technology

Life of country folk in the first half of the 20th century, agricultural machines and tools, sample of life in the countryside including household furnishings.
tel.: 516475945, 602708275, 721163563

Address: č.p. 72, Horní Smržov

Kořenec museum.

Kořenec museum

Kořenec museum, founded in 1985, was removed to rooms of farmstead No. 16, which was bought by municipality thanks to contribution of honest Kořenec citizen Jiří Pelikán. The building was adapted by cooperation...
tel.: 739267475, 516467225

Address: č.p. 16, Kořenec

Museum of pearl craftmanship and traditional housing.

Museum of pearl craftmanship and traditional housing

Exposition on the production of buttons made from mother-of-pearl and the museum of traditional living.
tel.: 739407244

Address: Senetářov 32, Senetářov

Pex Gallery - gallery and museum.

Pex Gallery - gallery and museum

Sales gallery of modern art. Museum of Letovice pottery. Sales gallery of modern art - paintings by leading Czech artists, glass, objects, wood carvings and ceramics. Museum exhibition - historical ceramics...
tel.: 739687300, 724841107

Address: Pražská 70, Letovice

Jewish Municipal House.

Jewish Municipal House

tel.: 516452077

Address: Bílkova 7, Boskovice

Jonas Gallery.

Jonas Gallery

tel.: 606221772

Address: Smetanova 6, Blansko

Josefov at Adamov old smelting plant - industrial heritage site.

Josefov at Adamov old smelting plant - industrial heritage site

The oldest technical preserve in the CR declared in 1971 and the oldest extant iron works in Central Europe. There is an exposition of iron working in its residential parts. The groundfloor of the building...
tel.: 516446671, 602225298


Otakar Kubin Gallery.

Otakar Kubin Gallery

Private Gallery of Otakar Coubine was opened in 1996. One of the incentives of establish of gallery was canceled of permanent exhibition of pictures of Otakar Coubine. Part of the exhibition area of gallery...
tel.: 516454419, 602559693

Address: Masarykovo náměstí 1/3 , Boskovice

Velké Opatovice - chateau and museum.

Velké Opatovice - chateau and museum

The Baroque castle was built over a Gothic stronghold and adapted in late Baroque style in the 18th century. At the beginning of the 20th century it was adapted in Art Nouveau style, and after a fire in...
tel.: 516410700

Address: Zámek 14, Velké Opatovice

Porc's Mill.

Porc's Mill

Functional old-fashioned with an original mill wheel from the 16th century. The mill was reconstructed into the form it had in the 19th century. Go through the entire mill Porč - find out how to grind...
tel.: 725378809, 724264810

Address: č.p. 25, Býkovice

Blansko Gallery.

Blansko Gallery

tel.: 778407601

Address: Dvorská 2, Blansko

Domino Gallery.

Domino Gallery

tel.: 516470777

Address: Havírna 55, Letovice

Exhibition hall of the poets František Halas and Klement Bochořák.

Exhibition hall of the poets František Halas and Klement Bochořák

The life and works of poets František Halas and Klement Bochořák.
tel.: 516410576

Address: náměstí Krále Jiřího 105, Kunštát

Zwicker Mini Gallery.

Zwicker Mini Gallery

The permanent exposition of historic photographies of former Jewish square is placed in the ground floor hall of historic house. The photographies shows as buildings, as lives of inhabitants since the...
tel.: 777922723

Address: Plačkova 382/6, Boskovice

Rudice - museum and wind mill.

Rudice - museum and wind mill

The original historical building ceased to serve its purpose with the extinction of miller rights in 1945. The mill is a listed building. In 1966 the sheet metal roofing was replaced by a shingle roof...
tel.: 602729084, 603803435

Address: U Větřáku 90, Rudice

Beekeeping Museum of Moravian Karst

tel.: 773041644

Address: Malá Veselice, Vavřinec

Beekeeping Museum of Moravian Karst

tel.: 773041644

Address: Veselice 17, Vavřinec

Exposition of minerals and fossils.

Exposition of minerals and fossils

Exposition of minerals of Vaclav Stoupala. Minerals from all continents, various colours and structures, from the Earth's surface, and from depths of several kilometers under the ground.
tel.: 731258171

Address: č.p. 62, Vísky

Glassmaking Museum

History of the municipality and the development of local glassmaking. Archeological excavations, old glassmaking tools - mandrels, forms etc.
tel.: 516477723

Address: č.p. 81, Úsobrno

House of Nature of the Moravian Karst - exposition and visitors' centre

tel.: 516414826

Address: Skalní mlýn 96, Blansko

Museum of Historical Vehicles, exhibition of paintings of the Hamerský family

tel.: 734440190

Address: náměstí Míru 25, Olešnice

Museum of Olomučany ceramics

Traditional Olomučansky ceramics.
tel.: 516412550

Address: čp. 123, Olomučany

Ring Gallery

tel.: 516411388

Address: Náměstí Svobody 14, Blansko

MJ-S 29 „Svah“ - wooden infantry blockhouse.

MJ-S 29 „Svah“ - wooden infantry blockhouse

Standard two-storey infantry cabin of class two resistance.
tel.: 773567403

Address: Mikulov na Moravě

Municipal museum and gallery - synagogue.

Municipal museum and gallery - synagogue

In 1888 renovations were performed in the neo-Romanesque style with the implementation of Moresque elements in the interior. The Synagogue is a hall building divided into three sides by tribunals, which...
tel.: 519326636

Address: U tržiště 10, Břeclav

Mikulov - museum and chateau.

Mikulov - museum and chateau

The castle dates back to the beginning of the 13th century and was later reconstructed into a renaissance chateau, then reconstructed in baroque style following a fire in 1719. At the end of World War...
tel.: 519309019, 519309014, 777061230

Address: Zámek 1, Mikulov

Iron Curtain Museum.

Iron Curtain Museum

The museum presents years of history of services on the state border with a special emphasis on the period between 1951 and 1989, when the service was conducted by the borderland guards, and when efforts...
tel.: 777003032

Address: Hraniční přechod 483, Valtice

Lednice - chateau and park.

Lednice - chateau and park

This Neo-Gothic castle is included in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage. Formerly a Gothic stronghold, it had been rebuilt in Renaissance and in Baroque style. The castle gained its final form...
tel.: 519340128

Address: Zámek 1, Lednice

The National Wine Centre.

The National Wine Centre

The National Wine Centre n.p.o. is an organisation whose main goal of activities is the promotion of support of our wine and viticulture. NWC sponsors the greatest win competition in the Czech Republic...
tel.: 519352072

Address: Zámek 1, Valtice

Trkmanka Ecocentre - education and advisory centre

tel.: 519325313, 774364010

Address: Nádražní 1/1, Velké Pavlovice

Eat Art Gallery.

Eat Art Gallery

Exhibition and indulgence gallery for all senses. The restored building in the inspirinig middle of the centre of Mikulov joins indulgence with art, gastrology and wine.
tel.: 519512768, 724900204

Address: Kapucínská 1, Mikulov

Efram Gallery.

Efram Gallery

The Efram Gallery is found on the ground floor of the historical building, the former boys' Jewish school (cheder) with interesting architectural features. The history of Mikulov, the former Jewish ghetto...
tel.: 723329770

Address: Husova 4, Mikulov

Municipal museum and gallery Břeclav.

Municipal museum and gallery Břeclav

At present, the city museum and gallery of Břeclav administrates a museum collection which includes almost 30 000 collection items, of thefollowing collection categories: archaeology, gallery, photo archives...
tel.: 519323050

Address: Dukelských hrdinů 2747/4a, Břeclav

Pohansko - small chateau.

Pohansko - small chateau

Empire chateau is a symmetrical building with ground floor, arcaded wings. A buttress is found in the central part with a one-storey extension, which is dominated by long loges with a full parapet enclosed...
tel.: 519374248, 739236640

Address: Pohansko 206, Břeclav

Refrigerators of long ago - What life was like during the times of Father Masaryk - museum.

Refrigerators of long ago - What life was like during the times of Father Masaryk - museum

tel.: 776759811

Address: Zámecké náměstí 68, Lednice

Gallery At Her Place.

Gallery At Her Place

tel.: 774581161, 776881161

Address: Brněnská 342/16, Mikulov

Lednice Chateau Multipurpose Centre - museum

tel.: 773737700, 773737697

Address: Zámek 2, Lednice

Municipal museum.

Municipal museum

History of the town: archaeological findings and excavations, history of the Lichtenstein family, monuments, viticulture of Valtice, folk costumes, special interest groups, our grandmothers’ households...
tel.: 728578719, 723553978

Address: náměstí Svobody 4, Valtice

Lichtenstein House - Museum and gallery.

Lichtenstein House - Museum and gallery

History of the Lichtenstein family, starting from their arrival to South Moravia in 1249, to the present.
tel.: 731428260, 519326900

Address: U Tržiště 8, Břeclav

Exposition on the history of the Church of St. Wenceslas and the Ossuary.

Exposition on the history of the Church of St. Wenceslas and the Ossuary

tel.: 519512368

Address: Kostelní náměstí 2, Mikulov

Light building model 37, type A - 120 N.

Light building model 37, type A - 120 N

The fort is called a "pillbox" (from the abbreviation ROP). The structure was built for normal resistence, the shooting axes close an angle of 120°. Construction at the time was led by the construction...
tel.: 608406203, 777003032

Address: Břeclav

Municipal museum and gallery.

Municipal museum and gallery

City Museum and Gallery Hustopeče housed in the renaissance building U Synků, completed in 1579 Exposition on the history of the city – from prehistory to 1945 (cattle markets, renaissance and baroque...
tel.: 519413849, 519412254

Address: Dukelské nám. 23, Hustopeče

Museum of Viticulture, Horticulture and the Environment.

Museum of Viticulture, Horticulture and the Environment

The development of greengrocery, pomiculture, and viticulture. The wine cellar – presentation on the production of viticulture products. Cereals and ergot – old species, curses and blessings of ergot....
tel.: 519352144

Address: nám. Svobody 8, Valtice

Permanent viticultural exhibition.

Permanent viticultural exhibition

Renovated cellar rooms of the historical renaissance building "U Synků". The history of viticulture in Hustopeče. Historical exhibits, which served to treat vineyards and for producing and storing wine...
tel.: 775095526

Address: Dukelské náměstí 23, Hustopeče

Archaeological exhibition Římané na Mušově.

Archaeological exhibition Římané na Mušově

Exposition focussed on mainly findings, which the Roman Legion left here in the 2nd century A.D. Samples of work from archaeological excavations, photographs and drawing documentation.
tel.: 519427624

Address: Pasohlávky

Mrštíks brothers Memorial.

Mrštíks brothers Memorial

Literary historical exposition on the life of Alois and Vilém Mrštík.
tel.: 519309014, 777061230

Address: č. 57, Diváky

The Era of Hunters and Mammoths exposition.

The Era of Hunters and Mammoths exposition

Archaeological exposition on archaeological sites from the Stone Age, which were explored in the cadastres of Dolní Věstonic and neighbouring Pavlova. Karel Absolon performed the excavations here in 1924...
tel.: 519517603, 776874587

Address: č.p. 11, Dolní Věstonice

Village museum.

Village museum

Country room, country kitchen, historical development of costumes in Kobylí, history of the community, work in the fields and in agriculture, cellar exposition of viticulture with a vinotheque, the sounds...
tel.: 519431709

Address: Kobylí na Moravě 135

Lednice Tourist Information Centre

tel.: 519340986, 733531874

Address: Zámecké náměstí 68, Lednice

Archeological Park in Pavlov

tel.: 519322126

Address: Pavlov

(Archeopark Pavlov) - museum

tel.: 519322126

Address: Dolní Věstonice

Museum of Czechoslovak Fortification at the Old Quarry in Novosedly

Light building (so-called Řopík,"pillbox"), model 37 type A-160, reinforced.
tel.: 723877966, 604745039

Address: Novosedly

Museum of Viniculture.

Museum of Viniculture

Historical press from 1860 from Děvičan near Slovakia's Levice. Baskets, oak barrels, exhibits on their construction and repair. Photographs of the local wine-making organisation.
tel.: 519433103

Address: Školní 1, Vranovice

Convent Gallery

tel.: 603520833, 604843482

Address: Vrchlického 3, Mikulov

Závodný Gallery

Private Gallery of Modern Art presents the best Czech and Europian artists. A nice coffee shop is included in the body of the Gallery.
tel.: 723362472

Address: Husova 3, Mikulov

Gallery 27

tel.: 519511610

Address: Náměstí 27, Mikulov

Gallery 99

The work of Antonín Vojtek, whose paintings are presented in galleries and private collections in almost fifty countries worldwide.
tel.: 519372118, 723930015, 723887977

Address: Slovácká ul. 2587, Břeclav

Gallery Adam a Eva

Works by Czech and Moravian artists.
tel.: 777656152

Address: Náměstí 11, Mikulov

Lednice Toy Museum

tel.: 736434406

Address: Pekařská 13, Lednice

Mikulov secret cellars.

Mikulov secret cellars

Interactive exhibition on legendary fi gures located in the town’s mysterious underground cellars. Here you can try on the costumes, fi nd the ingredients for magic potions, catch a bat, and other fun...
tel.: 605838801

Address: Náměstí 8, Mikulov

Museum of Bicycles

Historic bicycles, scooters, prams etc.
tel.: 777595502

Address: Břeclav

Pálava tasting salon

tel.: 737246500

Address: č.p. 138, Bavory

Reistna Gallery

tel.: 607779200

Address: Břeclavská 1034, Valtice

Studio Pirsc porcelain - gallery.

Studio Pirsc porcelain - gallery

tel.: 605505734

Address: Náměstí 9, Mikulov

Town sightseeing museum

Ethnology, costumes, history of the community. Exposition hall in the corridor. Viticulture tools, old furnished households, habánský dress – a gift from descendents in Canada. Objects donated by compatriots...
tel.: 519367119

Address: nám. Osvoboditelů 570, Velké Bílovice

Upper Stables Gallery

tel.: 606199423

Address: Husova 13, Mikulov

Wilderness world - exhibition

tel.: 739555156, 777992023

Address: Mikulovská 106, Lednice

Winter Peak Vineyard Museum

tel.: 720455148

Address: Hlavní 131, Dolní Dunajovice

Art Gallery.

Art Gallery

The gallery is housed in the listed building, which was built by the association – The Moravian Group of Artists. The building was built according to the design of architect Antonín Blažka. The interior...
tel.: 518351051

Address: Úprkova 2, Hodonín

Velehradský House of St. Cyril and Methodius - museum.

Velehradský House of St. Cyril and Methodius - museum

Velehrad at the crossroads of history. The Bible for both large and small.
tel.: 571110538

Address: U Lípy 302, Velehrad

Bukovany mill.

Bukovany mill

This newly-built windmill stands over the village of Bukovany. From a height of 16 metres above the ground it is possible to take in an extensive view over the flat surroundings, the nearby Ždánický Forest...
tel.: 518618011, 775700114

Address: Bukovany 70, Bukovany

Great Moravia Memorial.

Great Moravia Memorial

The building was built on the foundations of first discovered building from the great Moravian, the church "Na Valách.” It was uncovered during an excavation of the Moravian municipal museum in 1949 by...
tel.: 572543382

Address: Jezuitská 1885, Staré Město

Municipal museum in Veselí nad Moravou.

Municipal museum in Veselí nad Moravou

Small regional museum that focuses on the presentation of Veseli nad Moravia and its surroundings (archeology, history, ethnography). From Doubrava to Javořin – an exposition of ethnological character...
tel.: 518322412

Address: Bartolomějské nám. 41, Veselí nad Moravou

Šardická residence - museum.

Šardická residence - museum

Originally a summer residence of the Augustinian order, where even Johann Gregor Mendel also stayed with the members of the order. Historical bowls, scales, graduators for weighing. Johann Gregor Mendel...
tel.: 734203090, 775230969

Address: č.p. 601, Šardice

Ždánice - chateau and museum.

Ždánice - chateau and museum

The Zástřizlovy built a fortress in the 16th century, which Oldřich of Kounice reconstructed into a renaissance chateau. After the Battle on Bíla hora the Lichtensteins gained the chateau and remained...
tel.: 725920846

Address: Zámek 1, Ždánice

Masaryk's Museum and chateau in Hodonín.

Masaryk's Museum and chateau in Hodonín

The chateau acquired its present day look after the fire in 1746, when the high baroque style was rebuilt into a one-storey building and has remained as such until the present. From 1762 till April 1919...
tel.: 518351834

Address: Zámecké nám. 9, Hodonín

Museum domestica and herbs of Lučina.

Museum domestica and herbs of Lučina

Museum dedicated to the largest fruit tree in Europe - the service tree Exhibition of the Service Tree (Sorbus Domestica) - traditional medicinal tree. Compote, marmelade, cider and brandy are made from...
tel.: 518337008, 724162265

Address: č.p. 230, Tvarožná Lhota

Museum of Villages of Southeast Moravia - heritage village.

Museum of Villages of Southeast Moravia - heritage village

The Strážnice Museum of the Villages of South-east Moravia is an open - air museum, that has been opened to the public and visitors since 1981. The following areas are available: Moravian Kopanice, Luhačovice...
tel.: 518332173, 518306611

Address: Bzenecká 671, Strážnice

Podhradí Museum Buchlovice.

Podhradí Museum Buchlovice

tel.: 572595996

Address: nám. Svobody 24, Buchlovice

Uherský Ostroh - chateau and gallery.

Uherský Ostroh - chateau and gallery

Originally a moated castle guarding the commercial road connecting Hungary with Prague. There have been several owners of the castle, and in the middle of the 15th century it belonged for a long time to...
tel.: 572430538

Address: Zámecká 24, Uherský Ostroh

Huštěnovice Museum.

Huštěnovice Museum

Furnished kitchens and sitting rooms from the 1920s-50s. Objects used for farming and craft activities and working in the household. Photographic history of the municipality and a description of the parts...
tel.: 737719600, 572585071

Address: Náves, Huštěnovice

Kyjov - small chateau and museum.

Kyjov - small chateau and museum

A Renaissance castle from the half of the 16th century. The castle was adapted in Baroque style and in the year 1911 was decorated with pseudo-Renaissance sgraffiti. Archaeological exposition of the primeval...
tel.: 518612338

Address: Palackého 70, Kyjov

Museum in a Wagon.

Museum in a Wagon

Museum in wagons located in renovated historic rail car. Railway and mining exhibition - the history of mining coal, railway tracks of the district Hodonin, period photographs, original interior of a historical...
tel.: 724247671

Address: U Trati, Ratíškovice

Slavonic fortress in Mikulčice.

Slavonic fortress in Mikulčice

The uncovered foundation of the Slavic grad from the 8-9th century, which became one of the most significant centres of the Great Moravian Empire of Mojmir in the 9th century. Most probably the site of...
tel.: 518357293

Address: Mikulčice

Museum of Viniculture

tel.: 730898275

Address: Boršice ev. 89

Strážnice - chateau.

Strážnice - chateau

The first owners, the lords of Kravař, performed the first reconstruction and built the west wing around 1450. In 1501 it was purchased by the estate of Žerotínova and the chateau underwent further reconstruction...
tel.: 518332611

Address: Zámek 672, Strážnice

Vladimír Hroch Gallery.

Vladimír Hroch Gallery

tel.: 605221504, 572430427

Address: Hradební 1198, Uherské Hradiště

City Gallery.

City Gallery

The exhibitions are focussed on important names in the contemporary art scene as well as local atrting or established artists.
tel.: 602618630

Address: Náměstí Míru 664, Veselí nad Moravou

Heritage houses no. 283 and 284.

Heritage houses no. 283 and 284

Framhouses built from unburnt bricks from the 19th century. Ancient white chimneys, simple windows, period gate. Preserved interiors including furnishings. Small museum of costumes.
tel.: 732855257

Address: č.p. 283 a 284, Hluk

Memorial Hall of JUDr. Václav, the Count of Kounic.

Memorial Hall of JUDr. Václav, the Count of Kounic

Gothic - renaissance house called "Lord's House" dating back to the 16th century. At the turn of the 18th century, it was reconstructed in the baroque style according to a project by Domenica Martinelli...
tel.: 572634802

Address: Kaunicova 77, Uherský Brod

Permanent exposition of town history.

Permanent exposition of town history

The most significant events from the more than 750 year old history of the city. Uherské Hradiště – Royal Town: medieval history. Uherské Hradiště – fortress on the Morava River: military history of the...
tel.: 572430427

Address: Masarykovo náměstí 21, Uherské Hradiště

Slovácko Museum in Uherské Hradiště.

Slovácko Museum in Uherské Hradiště

In 1929 the city purchased the building of the former city gun club. Following necessary reconstruction work a museum was newly opened here. Permanent exposition of Slovácko. Christmas and Easter demonstrations...
tel.: 572556556, 572551370

Address: Smetanovy sady 179, Uherské Hradiště

(Starý kvartýr) - museum and gallery.

(Starý kvartýr) - museum and gallery

The building of the Starý Kvartýr (the Old Joint) is captured in its present day layout already in a sketch from the stable land register dating back to 1827. The building is solitary and excels as a whole...
tel.: 606814727

Address: Pekařská 116, Lužice

The Archaelogical Department of Slovácko Museum.

The Archaelogical Department of Slovácko Museum

The most valuable finds are gold and silver Moravian jewelry – earrings, buttons, rings, plus unique objects, ornaments and weapons from the early Stone and Bronze Ages and early medieval times. At present...
tel.: 572501844

Address: Štefánikova 1285, Uherské Hradiště

The Historical Department of Slovácko Museum.

The Historical Department of Slovácko Museum

In 1929 the city purchased the building of the former city gun club. Following necessary reconstruction work a museum was newly opened here. A military collection belongs among the most interesting, which...
tel.: 572551370, 572556556

Address: Smetanovy sady 179, Uherské Hradiště

Bojkovska Museum.

Bojkovska Museum

The oldest history represented by archaeological findings. Guilds, trades and crafts - mainly from the cloth industry and animal neutering. The court jurisdiction of Bojkovice - bell from the town hall...
tel.: 739202813

Address: Palackého 172-173, Bojkovice

Bohuslavice ART Mill.

Bohuslavice ART Mill

tel.: 602969267, 518614142

Address: Bohuslavice

Buchlov - castle.

Buchlov - castle

One of the oldest castles in Moravia, the landmark of woody slopes of this part of Chřiby hills. Its core dates back to the 13th century, but its construction went on to the 17th century. The castle is...
tel.: 572595161, 725377374

Address: Buchlovice

Doma Gallery.

Doma Gallery

tel.: 602729627

Address: Svatoborská 413, Kyjov

Farmstead - museum.

Farmstead - museum

Agricultural farmhouse with a settlement with double-floor chamber, agricultural wing and exchanger. The house underwent reconstruction in the 1990s and even smaller buildings were gradually added to it...
tel.: 572508247, 572556556

Address: č.p. 90 a 93, Topolná

Fraternal Education Monument.

Fraternal Education Monument

tel.: 518325721

Address: Strážnice

Hluk - fort, museum.

Hluk - fort, museum

Renaissance water fortress also known as Šarovcova. It was owned by lesser nobility, then by the Zástřizlovy from 1460, followed by the Lords of Kunovice (the emblem in the courtyard dates back to1559)...
tel.: 572111313, 608362715

Address: nám. Komenského 162, Hluk

Isabelia Bonsai Museum and Centre.

Isabelia Bonsai Museum and Centre

The Bonsai Museum is one of its kind in the Czech Republic. The operator Josef Valuch has been devoted to cultivating bonsai for thirty years.
tel.: 572542931

Address: U sklépka 2051, Staré Město

Klobouky u Brna - chateau and museum.

Klobouky u Brna - chateau and museum

The chateau was built by the Zábrdovicky monastery Ambrož of Telč, in order to serve the needs of the convent. After the zábrdovické monastery was no longer in use, the religious fund acquired the building...
tel.: 519361576

Address: Zámecká 8, Klobouky u Brna

Klobouky u Brna - windmill.

Klobouky u Brna - windmill

The wooden windmill is situated on a hillock south of the town, with a red-marked tourist trail going to it. The building, including well-preserved milling machinery is from Pacetluky in the Kroměříž region...
tel.: 774324254, 519361570

Address: Klobouky u Brna

Kuželov - windmill.

Kuželov - windmill

The walled conical windmill is located in a shallow saddleback by the green-marked educational trail. It was built in 1842, with surrounding farm building added in 1906. It was used for milling until 1940...
tel.: 723136624, 602438644

Address: č.p. 156, Kuželov

Kyjov - city hall, gallery.

Kyjov - city hall, gallery

The building underwent a number of renovations, of which the most significant was the reconstruction of the original attic half-storey to a full storey. Even the graphite bossage was newly reconstructed...
tel.: 518697583, 518697411

Address: Masarykovo nám. 30, Kyjov

Nenkovice gallery.

Nenkovice gallery

tel.: 518622621, 724309383

Address: Nenkovice 37

Průžkův's Mill.

Průžkův's Mill

One of the oldest preserved buildings in Strážnice, of which the first written record dates back to 1543. It was originally a water mill, gradually reconstructed into a steam mill at the end of the 19th...
tel.: 605482543

Address: Bratrská 30, Strážnice

Skoronice Municipal Museum.

Skoronice Municipal Museum

tel.: 518625822, 606162167

Address: č.p. 56, Skoronice

The Gallery of Slovácko Museum.

The Gallery of Slovácko Museum

The baroque building of the old post office was originally built as the Emperor’s armoury in 1721-1723. After the town’s stronghold was no longer in use, it served as a storage, military hospital and post...
tel.: 572552425

Address: Otakarova ul. 103, Uherské Hradiště

Travičná sheepfold.

Travičná sheepfold

A perfect place for a trip situated not far from the viewing tower Travičná, which is trying ecological way to make the best of unmaintained landscape of the original sheepfold for education and leisure...
tel.: 518337008, 724162265

Address: Tvarožná Lhota

Uherský Brod - museum and chateau.

Uherský Brod - museum and chateau

A part of the preserved town strongholds from the 14th – 16th century with a baroque room which dates back to1690 – 1693. The permanent exposition on Komenský of humanity, devoted to the life and works...
tel.: 572632288, 572632289

Address: Přemysla Otakara II., č. 37, Uherský Brod

Úprk Brothers parental home.

Úprk Brothers parental home

Exposition of home interior from the end of the 19th century, life and works of the artist Jože and sculptor Franta Uprka.
tel.: 518327223, 724171308

Address: č.p. 383, Kněždub

Dolmen Gallery

tel.: 604815877

Address: Dědina 15, Ostrožská Nová Ves

Gallery of Originals

tel.: 737737184, 518384396

Address: Masarykovo náměstí 6, Hodonín

Municipal Gallery in the Chateau Park.

Municipal Gallery in the Chateau Park

tel.: 518323906, 518322428

Address: Zámecká 15, Veselí nad Moravou

Museum of Ceramics from Tupesy.

Museum of Ceramics from Tupesy

Settlement of potters from the 19th century (work and life at the turn of the 20th century). The history and technologyof the production of majolik cermaics in Tupesy.
tel.: 724530003, 774599250

Address: č. 118, Tupesy

Museum of Lieutenant General František Peřina.

Museum of Lieutenant General František Peřina

Exhibition of the legendary World War II pilot František Peřina. Panels with texts and photographs acquaint you with his life. Documents, uniforms, models of aircrafts, honorary medals, etc.
tel.: 519423125, 721152897

Address: Morkůvky

Museum of Oil Mining and Geology.

Museum of Oil Mining and Geology

A unique complex of technical and geological expositions related to the survey and extraction of oil within the territory of the Czech and Slovak Republic, and worldwide.
tel.: 604413665, 607851686

Address: Kasárenská 1022, Hodonín

Vednevnoci Gallery.

Vednevnoci Gallery

tel.: 732163431

Address: Národní třída 36, Hodonín

At School Gallery

In the premises of the school visitors can see unique exhibitions in the course of the whole school year. The gallery founder’s name is PaedDr. Jan Navrátil.
tel.: 518306565

Address: Újezd 990, Kyjov

Buchlovice - chateau.

Buchlovice - chateau

The castle in Buchlovice and its large park create a real architectonic jewel – a nobleman’s residence built in Italian villa style. It was built in the 17th – 18th century in late Renaissance style by...
tel.: 572434240

Address: Buchlovice

Blatnička - The centre of the school of folk art and trade

Museum of Folk Costumes, which also serves for sewing, fixing, cleaning and renting folk costumes for the entire region of Moravian Slovacko. The history of folk costumes of Slovacka with a sample of present...
tel.: 518325492

Address: Blatnička č.98, Blatnice pod Sv. Antonínkem

Centre of Environmental Education and Forest Pedagogy - museum, arboretum

tel.: 724525061

Address: Polesí 298, Buchlovice

Centre of Slavic Archaeology

The work of the Archaeological Institute of the Moravian Land Museum - Findings from the region and the results of research about the Slavic settlement, Great Moravia and the beginnings of Christianity...
tel.: 606033103

Address: Velehradská třída 537, Uherské Hradiště

Chapel Gallery

tel.: 518343366, 603724849

Address: Tyršova, Hodonín

Exposition of the Farmhouse and farmstead - museum

The last building with a stacked chamber, black kitchen and thatched roof typical for Moravsky Slovácko prior to the turn of the 20th century. Furnishings of Vlčnovsky living quarters including folk costumes...
tel.: 572675520

Address: č.p. 57, Vlčnov

General Sergej Jan Ingr Military Museum.

General Sergej Jan Ingr Military Museum

tel.: 608025233

Address: č.p. 222, Vlkoš

Hall of sport - museum

tel.: 725920846

Address: Zámecká 454, Ždánice

Hodonin Regional Centre

History of Hodonin City - archaeological findings from excavations at Masaryk Square, objects related to the history of the city (from collections of the Masaryk Museum in Hodonin), old photographs, model...
tel.: 518322818, 724123298

Address: Masarykovo náměstí 27, Hodonín

Jan Amos Komenský Memorial

Single storey stone building (grange), pargetted and painted white. The frontispieces are walled all the way to the edge of the gabled roof covered by slate. The gallery house is covered by an extended...
tel.: 572641140

Address: Komňa , Komňa

Jan Amos Komenský Memorial.

Jan Amos Komenský Memorial

House on the site of the former Czech Brethren, where in 1616 Jan Amos Komensky was ordained a priest. Fragments of original walls with remnants of church writings have been preserved. The main moments...
tel.: 518626022

Address: Žeravice

Municipal authorities - local museum

tel.: 518309540

Address: Hlavní 750, Vnorovy

Museum of the Village Žarošice.

Museum of the Village Žarošice

tel.: 725948591

Address: Žarošice 110

Panský dům Gallery.

Panský dům Gallery

tel.: 572634802

Address: Kaunicova 77 , Uherský Brod

Potomak Museum of Folk Costumes

tel.: 572574097

Address: č.p. 39, Popovice

T.G. Masaryk's house

A terracotta memorial plaque was installed on the house in 1933, which has managed to remain in its place until the present.
tel.: 518362335

Address: Čejkovice

The Preservative Department of Slovácko Museum

In 1995 the museum gained larger and more suitable space in the newly reconstructed building in Hradební Street, which is sufficiently equipped for conservation and restoration of collection objects. Costumes...
tel.: 572554076

Address: Hradební 227, Uherské Hradiště

Art Gallery

tel.: 572501650, 608712341

Address: Rybářská 124, Uherské Hradiště

Benedik ceramics - ceramic workshop and gallery

tel.: 518327864, 720100442

Address: č.p. 178, Hroznová Lhota

Blatnik Museum

tel.: 731918900, 737576694

Address: č.p. 850, Blatnice pod Svatým Antonínkem

Bzenecké Museum

History of the town. Guilds, trades, agriculture and of course a section devoted to viticulture is also included.

Address: Krále Vladislava, Bzenec

Chamartín Gallery

Address: Luční 770, Vracov

Collegiate House of Dr. Kachník

Finding on the life and work of J.A. Komensky. Founder of the ThDr. Jodef Kachnik trust.
tel.: 572693147, 572693175

Address: náměstí Míru 138, Nivnice

Decorative egg exposition.

Decorative egg exposition

Historical and contemporary decorative Easter eggs. An accompanying film familiarising visitors with the points of interest of the municipality and the history of Borkovansky decorative eggs and how they...
tel.: 519419418, 734612424

Address: č.p. 276, Borkovany

(Expozice Po stopách chřibských sklářů)

tel.: 725020766

Address: Stupava 58

(Galerie na Měšťance)

tel.: 572675724

Address: Vlčnov 186, Vlčnov

Hotař' Shed - museum

tel.: 721244934

Address: Teplé 400, Strážnice

Jiří Konečný Gallery

tel.: 518322715

Address: Národních mučedníků 937, Veselí nad Moravou

Joža Uprka Gallery

tel.: 572501053

Address: Masarykovo náměstí 21, Uherské Hradiště

Live Water grounds - learning grounds.

Live Water grounds - learning grounds

Exhibits of biotopes in Moravia, mainly exhibits of aquatic and wetland ecosystems with the largest freshwater tunnel in Europe, where you can see almost all types of fish that lived and live in the Cyech...
tel.: 572571180

Address: Modrá

Měšťanka Gallery

tel.: 572675724

Address: Vlčnov 186

Municipal museum

tel.: 519336107

Address: Kostická 155/4, Lanžhot

Municipal museum

The history of Strážnice from its establishment (archaeological findings, model of the city gate). The development of trades, education and guilds. Memorial hall to the husband and wife Landsfeld.
tel.: 518334155

Address: nám. Svobody 486, Strážnice

Museum of Folk Distilleries

Approximately 30 complete distillory appliances and their components, other necessities related to homemade production of fruit brandies and other spirits.
tel.: 733621063, 733621054, 774124020

Address: č.p. 65, Vlčnov

Museum of Hunters and Poachers Na Mýtince

tel.: 572585061, 777766964

Address: č.p. 121, Babice

Museum of the Village of Dambořice.

Museum of the Village of Dambořice

tel.: 723211816

Address: č.p. 69, Dambořice

Museum of the Village of Želetice

tel.: 518622725

Address: č.p. 49, Želetice

Museum of Wine-making and the Countryside

Historical tools and machines. The collection includes old tins from raw materials, postcards, spiceboxes, dishes, toys, agricultural machines and equipment etc.
tel.: 724919826

Address: č.p. 46, Terezín

(Muzeum Františka Hájka)

tel.: 737460049

Address: Kosmova 1715, Staré Město

(Muzeum Krumvíř)

tel.: 774408938

Address: Krumvíř 213

(Památník Jana Ámose Komenského)

tel.: 518626022

Address: Žeravice 40

Permanent exhibition on the history of mining and glassmaking

tel.: 518698521, 602535701

Address: Nám. 15.dubna 1149, Dubňany

Portal Gallery

tel.: 572540232

Address: Masarykovo náměstí 35, Uherské Hradiště

Q Gallery

tel.: 572635555

Address: U plovárny 2370, Uherský Brod

(Rodný dům Fanoše Mikuleckého)

tel.: 721677034

Address: Mikulčice 265

Rural house - museum

tel.: 732212232

Address: Kněždub 76

Sedlce cottage

Ethnological exposition with objects from agricultural settlements from the end of the19th century.
tel.: 728126637, 572694419

Address: nám. Míru 137, Nivnice

Slovácká chalet.

Slovácká chalet

Traditional living and life in a village.
tel.: 607679901

Address: Kyjovská 217, Dolní Bojanovice

Šumice museum

A total of about 420 museum artefacts were collected. One of the rooms is similar to a “jizba” which were the main living rooms of each home in earlier times. Other rooms are devoted to Šumicky costumes...
tel.: 572691207

Address: Obecní úřad, Šumice

Tea Room Gallery

tel.: 725613613

Address: Masarykovo nám. 34, Kyjov

UH2 Gallery

Address: Studentské náměstí, Uherské Hradiště

Vlčnov - Estate N. 7 - folk architecture

The complete fixtures of the vlčnovsky house, halls, chambers and the black kitchen are on display. Furthermore threshing machines, a fanner including agricultural tools, cowsheds, and expositions of smith’s...
tel.: 572675130, 732149097

Address: Vlčnov

Bohutice - chateau and exhibit.

Bohutice - chateau and exhibit

The original fortress was built in the 15th century by members of the Mukodel family. In the 18th century the Baroque wing was added. A baroque fountain stands in the courtyard. Exhibition of Bohutice...
tel.: 724183293

Address: č.p. 8, Bohutice

House of Art.

House of Art

The house of arts has its own seat in one of the most beautiful renaissance palaces of the town, which was built on the site of two former gothic buildings. The house was completed at the end of the1580s...
tel.: 515226529

Address: Masarykovo náměstí 333/11, Znojmo

(Hrad Bítov s kaplí Nanebevzetí Panny Marie).

(Hrad Bítov s kaplí Nanebevzetí Panny Marie)

The well-preserved Gothic castle and chateau situated on a promontory between the Dyje and Želetavka rivers, above Vranovská Dam, was first mentioned in 1046, when it was a part of a castle system of Prince...
tel.: 515294622, 515294736

Address: Bítov, Uherčice

Minorite Monastery - monastery and museum.

Minorite Monastery - monastery and museum

The building of Minorite origin, later a Franciscan monastery, was built during the course of the 13th century. In 1270 – 1297 the monastery served as a burial place for King Přemysl Otakar II. In 1534...
tel.: 515282211

Address: Přemyslovců 8, Znojmo

Museum of Czechoslovakian fortification 1938 in Slup by Znojmo.

Museum of Czechoslovakian fortification 1938 in Slup by Znojmo

Building with lightweight fortification model 37, A-160, which was reconstructed into the state corresponding to mobilization in 1938. In the museum, you can see so-called "the position of a heavy machine...
tel.: 603935224, 603752275

Address: Slup

Prokop Diviš Memorial.

Prokop Diviš Memorial

The author of the monument’s design was the Brno architect Bohuslav Fuchs. The replica of a lightening rod was constructed in Brno’s training school Zborjovka. The reliefs in the monument’s interior symbolise...
tel.: 736465085

Address: Prokopa Diviše 205/15, Znojmo, Přímětice

Znojmo Castle - chateau and museum.

Znojmo Castle - chateau and museum

It was established during the reign of Prince Břetislav in the first half of the 11th century as a part of the system of borderline strongholds, the residence of Znojmo’s Přemysls and an important administration...
tel.: 515222311, 515282211

Address: Hradní 10, Znojmo

1st Czech Museum of Motorcycles and Autmobile Gallery.

1st Czech Museum of Motorcycles and Autmobile Gallery

Czechoslovak historical motorcycles. Jawa, CZ, Praga, Ogar, Velorex, Stadion brand in contrast with Indian, Norton, Matchless, NSU, BMW. Specialised in sidecars. Automobile gallery primarily of traditional...
tel.: 602745458, 515291077

Address: Lesná u Znojma

Jevišovice - chateau and museum.

Jevišovice - chateau and museum

Former gothic stronghold above the town had been reconstructed into three-wing renaissance castle. The last adaptation took place in the second half of 18th century. Today the castle serves as museum....
tel.: 515231141

Address: Jevišovice

Mini-museum of Czechoslovakian Defences 1935-1938 - light fortification grounds.

Mini-museum of Czechoslovakian Defences 1935-1938 - light fortification grounds

The grounds consist of two lightweight fortification buildings, type 37, built in 1938. One building is being gradually reconstructed into its planned design, which would most probably have been achieved...
tel.: 723615083

Address: kopec Spravedlnost u Leskouna, Olbramovice

Vedrovice - museum.

Vedrovice - museum

tel.: 607026631

Address: Vedrovice 327

Eternal Gallery.

Eternal Gallery

tel.: 776856650

Address: Velká Mikulášská 11, Znojmo

(Muzeum Terra Technica)

tel.: 515206218

Address: Chvalovice-Hatě 182

Schiller's Gazebo.

Schiller's Gazebo

tel.: 604110442

Address: Kovářská 19, Znojmo

Princely House City Museum and Gallery.

Princely House City Museum and Gallery

The city palace received its look at the turn of the 17th century, when it was owned by the Liechtensteins. In 1690, the house suffered a fire. It was the residence of the estate officials and then later...
tel.: 515224289

Address: nám. T. G. Masaryka 40, Moravský Krumlov

Boskovštejn - fortress.

Boskovštejn - fortress

Renaissance fortress from the mid-16th century. It has a rectangular facade with four corner towers. At the end of the 17th century, the fortress underwent a radical change: after being a residential seat...
tel.: 727805577

Address: Boskovštejn 32

Lubo Chateau - gallery.

Lubo Chateau - gallery

Studio and gallery of the sculptor, painter and action artist Lubo Kristka. Post Surrealistic mage known for his works and notorious happenings. A collection of his life's works is on display directly...
tel.: 515297165

Address: č.p. 80, Podhradí nad Dyjí

Slup - water mill.

Slup - water mill

The big Renaissance watermill houses an exposition called Miller's Trade from Primeval Ages to Present in its residential part. The exposition “Development of milling technology” informs visitors of the...
tel.: 515235370, 608439147

Address: Slup 94, Jaroslavice

St. Wenceslas Chapel.

St. Wenceslas Chapel

tel.: 515224694, 603290082

Address: Mikulášské náměstí, Znojmo

Taurus Gallery

tel.: 736625048

Address: Malá Michalská 4, Znojmo

City of Rolftown

Western style town formed by buildings like the Railway Station, Theatre R, the Pony Express Museum and Buffalo Bill. You can also see animals here (hucul horses, ponies, Cameroon goats, Vietnamese pigs...
tel.: 608100495

Address: Nádražní 636, Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou

Painted cellar.

Painted cellar

Wine cellar decorated with three-dimensional folk paintings by the artist. Both sides of the main hall and walls of the five adjacent rooms are decorated by colour, three-dimensional paintings, which were...
tel.: 774 700 572

Address: Šatov

Loucký monastery.

Loucký monastery

Originally a premonstratensian monastery founded in 1190 by Count Konrad Otto. For centuries the massive monastery complex was an important centre of far more than cultural life in southern Moravia. ...
tel.: 515267458, 606624648

Address: Melkusova 42/3062, Znojmo

Museum of motoring.

Museum of motoring

Historical vehicles, motorcycles, old bicycles exclusively of Czech production until 1950. Objects concerning motoring of the 1930s - gas and oil pumps, advertising signs, signposts, jacks, oil cans etc...
tel.: 603548351, 603443053

Address: Koželužská 44, Znojmo

Thatched cottage - museum.

Thatched cottage - museum

tel.: 515323123, 724185508

Address: č.p. 10, Petrovice

Ranch 1/38 - museum

Farming equipment, old washing machines, various grinders, centrifuges for milk, butter churns.
tel.: 777718820, 777718821

Address: Hostěrádky 120, Vranovská Ves

Sedlešovice - painted cellar

Painted cellar from the 12th century found in a sandstone base at a depth of 11 m. At the end of the cellar, there are several motifs of knights engraved into the sandstone by Maxmilian Appeltauer, a Šatov...
tel.: 776556156

Address: č.p. 18, Nový Šaldorf-Sedlešovice

Agnes Gallery

tel.: 775914765

Address: Kollárova 13, Znojmo

Charles Sealsfield's House

tel.: 724009055

Address: Popice 56

(Galerie Plachý)

Address: Tiskárenská 436, Moravský Krumlov

Mini museum of border defence

History of border defense, fortifications models, equipment and weapons, uniforms of Czechoslovak Army units defending the border until 1999.
tel.: 774076802

Address: č.p. 1, Dyjákovičky

Museum of Agriculture of Oleksovičky

tel.: 724752905

Address: č.p. 190, Slup, Oleksovičky

Museum of Grand Moravia

History of Hradiště from the 8th to 10th century - findings from a housing environment, and Great Moravian burial ground.

Address: Znojmo

Tatra Museum Bítov.

Tatra Museum Bítov

tel.: 604231026

Address: č.p. 48, Bítov

Yellow Submarine Gallery

tel.: 515261271, 515224034

Address: Havlíčkova 7, Znojmo