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Military monuments

The Cairn of Peace, Prace near Brno - battle memorial.

The Cairn of Peace, Prace near Brno - battle memorial

Memorial of the Battle of Austerlitz. The battle broke out on 2. 12. 1805, and ended by the victory of Napoleon and defeat of Austrian and Russian troops. The pyramidal Memorial on the Prace Hill was built...
tel.: 544244724

Address: K Mohyle míru 200, Prace u Brna

Army Park Museum of Military Technology, Ořechov u Brna

Area of the former air defence crew of the city of Brno. Exposition on military history (1945-2003), historical military technology, military underground buildings and small objects on display mapping...
tel.: 773737857

Address: Ořechov u Brna

Bunker 10 - Z

tel.: 542210863, 602201696

Address: Husova, Brno

Výpustek cave.

Výpustek cave

The labyrinth of dark corridors and houses was created by the displacement of the Křtinsky stream. The Czechoslovakian people’s army gradually built a huge atomic defence shelter in one of the cave’s corridors...
tel.: 516439111

Address: Jeskyně Výpustek, Křtiny

MJ-S 29 „Svah“ - wooden infantry blockhouse.

MJ-S 29 „Svah“ - wooden infantry blockhouse

Standard two-storey infantry cabin of class two resistance.
tel.: 773567403

Address: Mikulov na Moravě

Light building model 37, type A - 120 N.

Light building model 37, type A - 120 N

The fort is called a "pillbox" (from the abbreviation ROP). The structure was built for normal resistence, the shooting axes close an angle of 120°. Construction at the time was led by the construction...
tel.: 608406203, 777003032

Address: Břeclav

Museum of Czechoslovak Fortification at the Old Quarry in Novosedly

Light building (so-called Řopík,"pillbox"), model 37 type A-160, reinforced.
tel.: 723877966, 604745039

Address: Novosedly

Novosedly - bunker

Lightweight object model 37 type A-160 reinforced, reconstructed into its original state. One of seventeen buildings of the section 10 Březí, which the army had built as an advance in front of buildings...
tel.: 723877966

Address: Novosedly

(Armádní bunkr pod sv. Antonínkem)

tel.: 606720853

Address: Ostrožská Lhota

MJ-S4 infantry cabin.

MJ-S4 infantry cabin

Double-sided, double-winged and double-belled infantry cabin, which is a typical representative of Czechoslovak heavy fortifications from 1936-1938.
tel.: 604968156, 775272478

Address: Chvalovice

Museum of Czechoslovakian fortification 1938 in Slup by Znojmo.

Museum of Czechoslovakian fortification 1938 in Slup by Znojmo

Building with lightweight fortification model 37, A-160, which was reconstructed into the state corresponding to mobilization in 1938. In the museum, you can see so-called "the position of a heavy machine...
tel.: 603935224, 603752275

Address: Slup

Mini-museum of Czechoslovakian Defences 1935-1938 - light fortification grounds.

Mini-museum of Czechoslovakian Defences 1935-1938 - light fortification grounds

The grounds consist of two lightweight fortification buildings, type 37, built in 1938. One building is being gradually reconstructed into its planned design, which would most probably have been achieved...
tel.: 723615083

Address: kopec Spravedlnost u Leskouna, Olbramovice

Grounds of Czechoslovakian fortification Šatov.

Grounds of Czechoslovakian fortification Šatov

Three infantry log cabins are found near the village Šatov - Zahrada, Úvoz and Zatáčka. During the war the buildings were stripped of their gun ports, however they were repaired after the war, reequipped...
tel.: 602438637

Address: Šatov

MJ-S 15 „Závora“ - wooden infantry blockhouse.

MJ-S 15 „Závora“ - wooden infantry blockhouse

Isolated wooden cabin, double-sided, two-winged, built in the second degree of resistance.