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Electricarium of the Technical University in Brno

tel.: 541146102

Address: Technická 3058, Brno

Gotox - Escape game.

Gotox - Escape game

A fun game. A group of 2-6 people is locked in especially designed the room, they have only one seemingly easy task - to escape. They have to solve different puzzle to get to the end within the limit 60...
tel.: 776619997

Address: Všetičkova 2a, Brno

Logiq game - escape game.

Logiq game - escape game

Logiq game is an exciting escape game in Brno which draw you into the story. Thanks to the cooperation and ingenuity of your team you will discover secret hidden places, solve interesting logical tasks...
tel.: 737216492

Address: Běhounská 2/22, Brno

Permonium - entertainment park.

Permonium - entertainment park

Permonium Park is interestingly set in the gradually recultivated brownfield of the former Rosice - Oslavan mine Kukla. It expands over two levels of height on an area of 6000 m2. A tour of the tower,...
tel.: 546492215, 546492219

Address: Padochovská 270/31, Oslavany

Steampunk Laboratory - escape game.

Steampunk Laboratory - escape game

tel.: 733516160, 723579127

Address: Svitavská 17, Brno

VIDA! Science Centre - Science amusement park.

VIDA! Science Centre - Science amusement park

tel.: 515201000

Address: Křížkovského 554/12, Brno

Under Lock - escape game.

Under Lock - escape game

tel.: 728988172

Address: Cejl 825/20, Brno

Open garden - education and advisory centre.

Open garden - education and advisory centre

The educational garden includes 12 original play stations, which give children and even adults the opportunity to betetr understand the laws of nature. The stations are linked by the topic of natural elements...
tel.: 515903111

Address: Údolní 33, Brno

Beer bourse - adventure alehouse and restaurant.

Beer bourse - adventure alehouse and restaurant

tel.: 776668738

Address: Veveří 52/21, Brno

Bongo Brno - entertainment park.

Bongo Brno - entertainment park

Hall with plenty of attractions for more than just children. Each represents a different continent or country.
tel.: 777639172

Address: Pražákova 51, Brno

DinoPark Vyskov.

DinoPark Vyskov

tel.: 378774636

Address: Cukrovarská 9, Vyškov

Olympia Brno Park Track - model railway.

Olympia Brno Park Track - model railway

The park track is 1.6 km long and is intended for large scale railway models. Visitors have the opportunity to see modified models of passenger cars.
tel.: 603164548

Address: U Dálnice 777, Modřice

Wikyland - family fun centre.

Wikyland - family fun centre

tel.: 702292759, 775297733

Address: Svratecká 845, Modřice

Drásov - garden railway.

Drásov - garden railway

The operational museum exhibition of narrow-gauge railways (600 mm in width) in Drásov was founded by the members of "KLUB 600". In addition to the display of locomotives and wagons, it is possible to...
tel.: 606333066

Address: č.p. 196, Drásov

Bruno family park - fun centre.

Bruno family park - fun centre

tel.: 542427170

Address: Kigginsova 2, Brno

60´Escape - escape game

tel.: 777982397

Address: Kozí 4, Brno

Cabbage Market - square.

Cabbage Market - square

Cabbage Market (Zelný trh) is situated in the middle of the historical city centre. It was already established when the city itself was established in the 13th century; it was also known as the Upper Market...

Address: Zelný trh, Brno

Freedom Square

Freedom Square, originally called Lower Market, is the largest and also the oldest square in Brno. It grew up in the 13th century at the crossroads of three business routes, forming a fork. The square...

Address: náměstí Svobody, Brno

Garden railway

A garden railway under the process of construction since 1990, which is a replica of the railway system from the 1930s-50s.
tel.: 603279177

Address: Mlýnské nábřeží 35a, Brno, Obřany

Jára Cimrman Sidewalk

Since 2007 the famous multi-talented globe-trotter Jára Cimrman has had a sidewalk in Tišnov named in his honour. About 40 m in length, it connects the streets Na honech (Hunting) and Družstevní (Co-operative)...

Address: Tišnov

(Letecké simulátory Boeing 737 Max, F-16 Fighting Falcon)

tel.: 734699437

Address: Úvoz 447/120, Brno

Trap Zone - escape game

tel.: 776513416

Address: Traubova 24, Brno

Kostkoland - museum and gameroom

tel.: 607053584

Address: U Dálnice 777, Brno

VR Orlí

tel.: 778503000

Address: Orlí 482/3, Brno

(Zachraň Brno) - escape game

tel.: 777961440

Address: Špitálka 70/16, Brno

(Zahradní železnice Nad Mniší horou - Rakovec)

tel.: 776380783

Address: Ruda 140, Brno - Bystrc

Western park Boskovice - wild west town.

Western park Boskovice - wild west town

Western park Boskovice is a natural amusement park located and built-up in the area of an ex-sandpit, which reminds of nature sceneries from adventurous movies. The real Wild West life is presented by...
tel.: 737000000

Address: konec ulice Svatopluka Čecha, Boskovice

Garden railway

tel.: 732656820

Address: Divišova 45, Blansko

(AirWine - letecký simulátor Boeing 737NG).

(AirWine - letecký simulátor Boeing 737NG)

tel.: 736529261

Address: Němčičky 285, Němčičky

(Svobodná spolková republika Kraví hora Bořetice).

(Svobodná spolková republika Kraví hora Bořetice)

In 2001, local wine makers declared a recessive wine making republic, which attracts the attention of visitors. The republic has its own government led by a president, constitution, emblem, flag and menu...
tel.: 724964250

Address: Bořetice

Vinium - museum.

Vinium - museum

Information on the production of first class quality and attributive wines.
tel.: 519403111, 606745688

Address: Hlavní 666, Velké Pavlovice

Exhibitions of birds of prey of the company Zayferus.

Exhibitions of birds of prey of the company Zayferus

The largest and most beautiful place for birds of prey exhibitions in Europe. Exhibitions of critically endangered brids of prey, as they fly freely in their natural habitat and hunt maquettes of animals...
tel.: 608100440

Address: Lednice

Three Graces.

Three Graces

Classicist gloriette from the workshop of Jan Karel Engel. It is formed by a semi-circular walkway with the statue of the Three Graces in the middle.

Address: Lednice

Exit game - escape game

tel.: 704270285

Address: U Stadionu 1, Břeclav

Velké Pavlovice - drunken cellars.

Velké Pavlovice - drunken cellars

The controversial vineyard lane consists of fifteen green, blue and orange wine cellars in a single row.

Address: Velké Pavlovice

Seiferos company premises

Flying shows of birds of prey.
tel.: 608100442

Address: Lednice

Metal Zoo Staré Město.

Metal Zoo Staré Město

tel.: 572419771, 601382320

Address: Brněnská 1372, Staré Město

Modrá Archaeological Heritage Village - historical village.

Modrá Archaeological Heritage Village - historical village

Historical reconstruction of a fortified settlement from the time of Velká Morava (Great Moravia) in the 9th Century. This open-air museum is made up of several parts. The defence function is represented...
tel.: 724178591, 572501823

Address: Modrá

Exit It - escape game

tel.: 778867937

Address: Náměstí 17. Listopadu 5, Hodonín

Narrow gauge garden railway in Vracov

Electric, narrow gauge railway in the garden of Zdeňek Iš in Vracova, which rides along a 250 m long railway track.

Address: Strážnická 683, Vracov

Štěpnice Children's Centre

tel.: 774060260

Address: Štěpnická 1188, Uherské Hradiště

Moravian cellar and educational vineyard

Small vineyard of old types, which are no longer grown - Modrý Janek, Prachtraube, Veltlínské red-white etc.
tel.: 725429494

Address: Šatov 337

City of Rolftown

Western style town formed by buildings like the Railway Station, Theatre R, the Pony Express Museum and Buffalo Bill. You can also see animals here (hucul horses, ponies, Cameroon goats, Vietnamese pigs...
tel.: 608100495

Address: Nádražní 636, Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou

Old vineyards of Havraníky

The vineyards are renowned for their long wine cellars (several hundreds of metres up to kilometres in length). Exquisite view of the region with the possibility to refresh yourselves with up to six samples...
tel.: 728482966

Address: Havraníky

Šobes vineyards.

Šobes vineyards

Vineyard situated at a lower elevation above sea level on a sunny southern slope, protected from the northwest and northeast from wind. The microclimate here is similar to the conditions in for example...
tel.: 515266620, 721942271

Address: Podmolí

Merlin's children's world - entertainment park

Fun attractions - car circuits, ferris wheel, boat jumps into water, pirate ship, balloon shooting range, carousel, slides, etc.
tel.: 515206301

Address: č.p. 183, Chvalovice, Hatě

Chvalovice Prehistoric Park

Life-size models of dinosaurs which move and make sounds as if they were real.
tel.: 725894444

Address: Chvalovice